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Update on the HBD Craig Woody BNL DC Meeting June 8, 2005.

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1 Update on the HBD Craig Woody BNL DC Meeting June 8, 2005

2 C.Woody, DC Meeting, 6/8/052 Status Summary  Full scale prototype with one triple GEM is assembled  Ordered pilot run of new large GEM foils from CERN  Design of final pad plane complete  Started design of final HBD detector Must resolve space conflict with VTX  More final gas system parts are being ordered  Stainless steel gas lines in 1008 will be installed during upcoming shutdown  Preamp order has been placed but still on hold pending review of ways to reduce radiation length budget  Design of digital electronics is under way at Nevis Had integration review on May 25th

3 C.Woody, DC Meeting, 6/8/053 Assembly of Full Scale Prototype at Weizmann I.Ravinovich

4 C.Woody, DC Meeting, 6/8/054 Assembly of Full Scale Prototype at Weizmann I.Ravinovich

5 C.Woody, DC Meeting, 6/8/055 Final GEM Foils Ordered pilot run from CERN - 8 standard GEMs - 4 gold plated GEMs - 15 FR4 frames Expect delivery at Weizmann by next week I.Ravinovich Final GEM foil design frozen Prototype foil in stainless steel test vessel

6 C.Woody, DC Meeting, 6/8/056  Prototype pad plane has 68 pads (one module) with wires passing through honeycomb to outside PCB (remaining area of pad plane is grounded)  3 pads instrumented and will be tested with 55 Fe at Weizmann  Will flush with N 2 to see O 2 levels, then flow CF 4  Tests with first large GEM foils looked good (G ~ 10 4 )  After testing, prototype will be shipped to BNL (~ July) Pad Plane I.Ravinovich Final Pad Plane – 96 pads per module

7 C.Woody, DC Meeting, 6/8/057 HBD in the Retracted Position

8 C.Woody, DC Meeting, 6/8/058 Proposed VTX Design 78 cm 66 cm W.Sondheim HBD envelope is ± 34 cm

9 C.Woody, DC Meeting, 6/8/059 Proposed VTX Design 33 cm radius 23 cm radius W.Sondheim HBD envelope is R inner = 22 cm

10 C.Woody, DC Meeting, 6/8/0510 GTM/Ethernet Detector signals DCM Connector Differential Receiver 8 Channels 65 MHz 12 bits ADC FPGA Receive/buffer ADC data Format triggered Events Generate L1 Primitives Receive timing /clocks Data path interfaceFEM Optical Trigger data FEM Block Diagram FEM Crate Diagram LL1 trigger C-Y.Chi

11 C.Woody, DC Meeting, 6/8/0511 Signal cable input Trigger output HBD FEM Clock input C-Y.Chi 48 chs/FEM 2 FEMs/GEM detector module(96 pads)

12 C.Woody, DC Meeting, 6/8/0512 S-S+G S- Signal arrangement Use 2MM Hard Metric cable to move signals between preamp/FEM 2mm HM connector has 5 pins per row and 2mm spacing between pins and rows There are two types of cable configuration: *100 ohms parallel shielded cable 50 ohms coaxial cable Our choice is This gives us signal density 2mm x 10mm for every 2 signals. Same type of cables will be used for L1 trigger data. C-Y.Chi

13 C.Woody, DC Meeting, 6/8/0513 HBD FEE 48 channels per FEM – 3 signal cables to detector. – 4 signal pairs to HBD LL1 crate – within the racks – Clock cable from interface to the FEM – within the crates (back) – 6UX160mm card size Interface module – GTM (clock, L1 trigger etc.), Ethernet interface for slow download. – Control test pulse – don’t know the cable size yet. Data output module – 1 optical module per card Crate has – 16 FEMs – 4 optical output modules – 1 interface module HBD readout will fit into 3 6U crates (MVD rack) HBD LL1 module potentially could fit into one 6U crate. Power – 5V digital, +4 analog, -3.3V analog – 1KW per crate (?) We will use a standard VME 6U crate mechanics with custom backplane. – We will bring the crates. Need space to route the signal cables to the FEM – Need to know how long is the cable routing path- Signal cables are custom made C-Y.Chi

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