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A New Party in Power Review of Lesson 10.1 Questions.

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1 A New Party in Power Review of Lesson 10.1 Questions

2 Do Now  Take out your fact-finder

3 Question 1  What changes did Thomas Jefferson do concerning the following topics?

4 National Debt and Military Expenses

5  Jefferson and Albert Gallatin, secretary of the treasury, reduced the national debt and cut down on military expenses.

6 Federal Government Workers

7  Jefferson limited the number of federal government workers to a few hundred people.

8 Federal taxes and customs duties

9  His government got rid of most federal taxes and only collected customs duties, or taxes on imported goods.

10 Where the government’s income would come from

11  Under Jefferson, the government’s income would come from custom’s duties and from the sale of western lands.

12 Question 2  What did the Judiciary Act of 1801 set up?

13 Answer  The Judiciary Act of 1801 set up a system of courts.

14 Question 3  What 2 things did John Adams do under the act?

15 Answer  John Adams made hundreds of appointments during his last days as president.

16 Answer  He also asked John Marshall to serve as Chief Justice.

17 Question 4  What 4 reasons did this favor Adams and not Jefferson? Adams Jefferson

18 Answer  The Judiciary Act of 1801 made it so that Congress was still under Federalist control and supported Adam’s choices.

19 Answer  In this way, Adams blocked Jefferson from making appointments and made sure the Federalists controlled the courts.

20 Question 5  When Jefferson became president, what was his response to the appointees who had not received their commissions?

21 Answer  Jefferson told Secretary of State James Madison not to deliver the commissions.

22 Question 6  What were the two reasons the Supreme Court said that is could not force the delivery of William Marbury’s commission?

23 Answer  The Court said it did not have the jurisdiction – the legal authority – to force delivery of Marbury’s commission.

24 Answer  The Court also ruled that doing this violated the Constitution.

25 Question 7  In the ruling of Marbury v. Madison, what 3 principles of Judicial Review did Chief Justice John Marshall establish?

26 Answer  A. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

27 Answer  B. The Constitution must be followed when there is a conflict with any other law.

28 Answer  C. The judicial branch can declare laws unconstitutional.

29 Question 8  What is judicial review?

30 Answer  Judicial review is the power of the courts to find acts of other branches unconstitutional.

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