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Protein Synthesis Study Guide

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1 Protein Synthesis Study Guide

2 DNA and RNA DNA has 2 strands, RNA has 1. DNA has thymine , RNA has uracil DNA has deoxyribose, RNA has ribose

3 Nucleotides Phosphate 5 carbon sugar Nitrogenous base

4 DNA Double helix Structure discovered by Watson and Crick

5 Proteins All human proteins are made of a combination of 20 amino acids. Amino acids are connected by peptide bonds. Chains of amino acids make up proteins

6 Complementary bases DNA T-A C-G RNA A-U

7 Three processes Replication: DNA made from DNA Transcription: mRNA made from DNA Translation: mRNA pairs up with tRNA

8 Mutations Insertion: one more base Deletion: one less base Inversion: a segment is flipped, but the number of bases is unchanged Mutagen: an agent in the environment that can change DNA

9 The bases Purines: 2 rings, Adenine, Guanine Pyrimidines: 1 ring, Thymine (in DNA), Uracil (in RNA), and Cytosine 3 base sequence in mRNA is a codon 3 base sequencein tRNA is an anti-codon

10 DNA is always found in the nucleus only
In the cell DNA is always found in the nucleus only Protein synthesis takes place at the ribosome, which is made of rRNA.

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