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2 Make sure you end up on this page

3 First your going to upload a photo: I'm going to use my own

4 This menu shows the editing tools that you can use on this web site. I clicked on the Edit on

5 This is the editing menu, the different types of editing click the one you want and try the different styles out.

6 When your done with the editing tool bar click create

7 This menu will show up and you will click Photo Effects

8 The PHOTO EDITING menu is full of picture fun. There are some premium effects but you do have to pay for them. I will go through all of them so stay on the featured effects.






14 Now that you understand the concept please feel free to go through them all No click the create button again and press the Artsy effect

15 This this the artsy effect tool bar. Go through them and choose which one you want on your pictures if you don’t want an artsy effect click the create button again and choose GOODIES

16 This is the goodie effects, if you will go through them to see if you like any of them and add them to your picture. If you do not want one of this go to the Create Button and choose Frames

17 This is the frames editing tool bar. I’ll go through one of the frames and hopefully that will help. So I'm going to the frame that says grunge frames

18 Choose one of those three frames.

19 It will show the color tool bar and you can choose the color of the frame you want it. After you finish dealing with the frame tool bar click the create button and go to text editor

20 This is the text editor, tool bar you can choose one of these text to add to your picture and you get to choose what you say.

21 Type whatever you would like on your photo I'm just going to put my name Font Size Color

22 It simply adds the text to the photo and you can rotate it or change the color

23  If you want to save your project will you please click the save button - You have the Save to The Computer, the Library, to Facebook Album, and to Twitter. Since we are in the School district we are just going to save it

24 Its going to come up with this menu press save and then it will show the message below if you are on your S folder save it in there


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