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Create your own Web Page! Tina Yu & Katie Foote 2/13/09.

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1 Create your own Web Page! Tina Yu & Katie Foote 2/13/09

2 First things first… Go to web login page ndex.jsp (change hs to ms for middle school) Log in with new nifty password (1234)

3 You’re in! On the left, click on “change my password” and make a new one Then… click on “my pages” since we don’t have any “my classes” In the upper right is a drop down window… “create new page” –Choose your type Photo album EduNet TV (Podcast) Redirection to another page Other *this is the simple one you want –Enter page title in text box (i.e. create a webpage)

4 How do I upload messages? Words can be copy and pasted from an open word doc using the edit drop down menu on the tool bar and then pasted using the edit button from the websites toolbar – you cannot use the ctrl+c or the highlight and right click or the shortcut keys on the toolbars OR you can have both open and small, then highlight and drag into the text space on the website

5 How do I upload documents? Pictures can be uploaded from your computer by “browse”ing for it and then uploading and “save”ing Word documents and power point presentations can be done the same way… please note that some students cannot open our version of ppt, so you may need to convert to a word doc and upload both

6 Always remember to SAVE! There is a tutorial you can download from the “home” page after you log in Any input from group? We will add the info along with this powerpoint to my website on the “create a webpage” page

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