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Jigsaw PowerPoint 2nd period

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1 Jigsaw PowerPoint 2nd period
Islamic Empires Jigsaw PowerPoint 2nd period

2 The Spread of Islam Caliph- A successor to the messenger of God.
Arabs spread Islam through preaching, conquest, and trade. Umayyad expanded their empire and made their capitol Damascus. 100 hundred years after Muhammad’s death, The Islamic state became a great empire. They were successful because they were fighting to spread religion and let conquered people practice their own religion. Many conquered people became Muslims. Sufis- spent their time praying and teaching Islam, Arab merchants helped spread Islam as well.

3 Struggles within Islam
While Muslims split into two groups, The Arab Empire reached new heights. The Muslims split into two groups, the Shiites and the Sunnis. The Umayyads lost power in A.D. 750, allowing the Abbasids to form. The Abbasids hired the Seljuk Turks as soldiers. They soon saw how weak the Abbasids were and took power themselves.

4 The Seljuk Turks The Seljuk ruler named himself Sultan it means “holder of power.” The Seljuk Turks were nomads and great warriors. The Seljuk’s were satisfied to rule only the government and army and they let the Abbasid caliph remain as the religious leader. Time brought many changes to Abbasid rule . The Seljuk’s ruled, but it was still the Abbasid dynasty.

5 Later Muslim Empires The Ottoman empire was the largest Muslim empire
In 1453 they seized Constantinople, the Byzantine capital They changed the cities name to Istanbul Also conquering Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Mesopotamia, parts of Arabia and North Africa Suleiman 1 ruled in 1500’s He built schools, Mosques; he was a brilliant general

6 How were Non-Muslims treated?
The government made different laws for non-Muslims They had to pay a special tax, and in return, they were free to practice their religion Christian families in Eastern Europe had to send their sons to Istanbul there the boys became Muslims and trained as soldiers for the sultan

7 Who were the Moguls? Created another Muslim empire in India
Used guns, cannons, elephants, and horses Their greatest leader was Akbar Merchants brought paper, gunpowder, and fine porcelain from china to India

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