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Layers of the Earth.

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1 Layers of the Earth

2 Exploring the Layers Seismic Waves When waves change we
know the layers are different

3 Exploring the Layers Continued
Drilling & Mining Furthest Drill = 15km Furthest Mine = 3.8km Future Goals 2020 – Drill to Mantle

4 Earth Composition Physical Properties
Different mixtures of elements make up the layers Broken into 3 Layers Physical Properties Characteristics of the Layers Includes: Temperature, Density & Ability to Flow Broken into 5 Layers

5 Composition & Physical Properties
Broken into 3 Layers Crust Mantle Core Physical Properties Broken into 5 Layers Lithosphere Asthenosphere Mesosphere Inner Core Outer Core


7 Composition - Crust Thin, Outer Layer Made of Light Elements
Layer we live on Made of Light Elements Less than 1% of Earth’s Mass Generally km thick Broken into tectonic plates 2 different types Oceanic Continental

8 Composition - Crust Oceanic Continental Under Oceans Thinner Denser
Under Continents Thicker Less Dense

9 Composition - Mantle Layer beneath the crust Thickest layer
64% of mass 2,900 km thick Made of Iron and Magnesium Allows the tectonic plates to move Convection happens here

10 Composition - Core Hot & Dense Made of Nickel and Iron 3,480 km thick
1/3 of the Earth’s Mass Broken into 2 sections Inner Core Outer Core

11 Physical Properties – Outer Core
Liquid Layer 2,300 km Thick Made of Iron & Nickel Creates Earth’s Magnetic Field Cooler than inner core

12 Physical Properties – Inner Core
Solid Metal Layer 1,200 km Thick Iron and Nickel Extreme Pressure

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