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Bell Ringer What states were part of the Northwest Ordinance?

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1 Bell Ringer What states were part of the Northwest Ordinance?
Who were the 3rd and 4th presidents of the United States?

2 WESTWARD MIGRATION SSUSH6 The student will analyze the nature of territorial and population growth and the impact of this growth in the early decades of the new nation. a. Explain the Northwest Ordinance’s importance in the westward migration of Americans, and on slavery, public education, and the addition of new states. b. Describe Jefferson’s diplomacy in obtaining the Louisiana Purchase from France and the territory’s exploration by Lewis and Clark.

3 The ordinance was passed under the Articles of Confederation as a means of raising money for the new government It set up an orderly way of settling the new territory by dividing the area into townships Northwest Ordinance

4 Northwest Ordinance Showed the citizens that the US government intended to allow for westward expansion! Allowed new states to be EQUAL members of the United States. Made the Ohio River the boundary between free and slave states.

5 Northwest Ordinance The Northwest Ordinance:
1-guaranteed freedom of religion, property, and trial by jury. 2-forbad slavery, beginning the division between northern and southern states 3-set aside land for the support of public education 4-set up rules for how territories could become states

6 What ordinances were passed to entice settlers to move into the new territory?

7 Education, Slavery, New States
Education: Schools were seen as a place to instill “American Values.” Many states guaranteed public education in their state constitutions. Noah Webster: created 1st US Dictionary Slavery: Not allowed. Many free blacks move to Ohio River. New States Created out of North West Ordinance: Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin


9 Louisiana Purchase In 1800 France gained New Orleans from the Spanish
President Thomas Jefferson sent an ambassador, James Monroe, to France to attempt to gain use of Mississippi River (New Orleans is at the Mouth of the Mississippi River)

10 In 1803, to gain money to fight the British, Napoleon Bonaparte (Ruler of France) offered to sell the entire Louisiana Territory to the U.S. The U.S. purchased the territory for $15 million, doubling the size of the U.S.

11 Why was Napoleon willing to sell President Jefferson the land
Why was Napoleon willing to sell President Jefferson the land? Why would President Jefferson want the Louisiana Purchase Territory?

12 Lewis and Clark In 1804, Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark west to explore the new territory and to find a water route to the Pacific Ocean The Expedition was officially called: The Corps of Discovery included Sacagawea, an Indian guide, and York, Clark’s slave

13 Lewis and Clark The expedition lasted 3 years What they DID:
They discovered many new plants and animals and made contact with many different Natives. They kept detailed records of their discoveries and mapped out the territory they explored. What they Didn’t Do: discover a water route a to Pacific Ocean

14 What was the purpose of the Lewis and Clark Expedition?


16 Go Westward with Lewis and Clark! GO ON THE JOURNEY!

17 Exit Ticket What was the land purchase that nearly doubled the size of the United States in 1803? Where was it purchased from? What was the purpose of the Louis and Clark Expedition? What the task accomplished?

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