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1 Type title of Biome here
Biome Research By Joseph Gordon

2 Name of Biome Geography & Climate
Location-Deserts take up 1/5 of the Earth’s surface. Description-Most deserts are hot and dry but some are cold like Antarctica. Soil Type-Sand. Precipitation-3 to 5 inches a year. Temperature Range-55 to 110. Climate- Hot, very little rain.

3 Desert Biodiversity A Desert’s plant species include Cacti, Creosote Brush ,Sage Brush , and Ocotillo. Today there are at least 1500 known species in a Desert.

4 Desert Adaptations Needed for Survival
The Cactus has adapted to a Desert by gaining a waxy coating to keep water inside. The Kangaroo Rat has developed the ability to not have to drink water because it gains enough nutrients from the plants it eats.

5 Desert Interactions of Biotic and Abiotic
Biotic-Owls have adapted to dig nests into cacti for protection and water. Abiotic-Lizards bask on rocks to keep their body temperature warm.

6 What is Biodiversity? Biodiversity is the many different species and organisms in a biome ,habitat, or environment.

7 How does biodiversity contribute to the sustainability of an ecosystem?
Use the handout given in class to answer the question above. Without biodiversity a habitat could over-populate or not have enough organisms.

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