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Student Teacher Lesson Debriefs Tony Macfadyen University of Reading

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1 Student Teacher Lesson Debriefs Tony Macfadyen University of Reading

2 REVIEW A practical and easily accessible framework to help give structure to the learning conversation between student and mentor

3 The REVIEW framework RR eassure and re integrate EE stablish focus on learning objectives and planning VV isit through questions II nput own contribution EE mphasise and summarise key points discussed WW hat have you learnt, what will you do now? (Original Source: The RFU, undated)

4 UoR – Our background B. Sharp (1992) the learning gradient in Acquiring skill in sport It is not until learners have finally been questioned on their knowledge, & their ability to analyze and assess can we be fully sure that information has been retained TLRP (2007) promote the active engagement of the learner

5 REVIEW based around 10 Principles of Mentoring and Coaching ( CUREE ) Effective Teaching and learning: evidence –informed principles ( TLRP & ESRC ) Assessment for Learning (AfL) promoting research based evidence of the need to actively involve students in their own learning (Black and Wiliam)

6 Students were saying … Mentors (too) helpful in wanting to advise; they jump in too quickly before student has had a proper opportunity to explain their actions / thoughts Did not give student time to show what they knew (which was frustrating – key theme)

7 Staff were asking for help with this issue Is there some thing better than: How did that go? Professional dialogue??

8 Influences… Indirect teaching styles:- you cannot just expect small groups to magically be able to work together and coach each other without support & guidance Scaffold Learning (TLRP, 2007)

9 So, what is REVIEW and how does it work?

10 Mentor feed back on REVIEW really like it.. structure helps works well to navigate what happened in the lesson its an excellent prop that Ive used a lot as a new mentor it was really helpful to have something to work with …gave me confidence Great to be able to dig deeper into a trainees understanding

11 Students said: more opportunity to express ourselves better coverage of the key areas in a lesson [more methodical] Helps us to really think about what we have done, helps with reflection, especially when your mind is buzzing after the lesson Its great to be asked questions Much more of a partnership when teachers use REVIEW

12 Tutors noticed More equal discussions of a better quality Trainees better able to articulate / explain why they did things and justify their decisions A more structured dialogue Trainees involved in their own learning

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