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More with less Virtual workshop 26 May 2011 Alan Davidson Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

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1 More with less Virtual workshop 26 May 2011 Alan Davidson Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

2 Overview Content – Introduction – Our approach – Current working and future plans Discussion – Share references, ideas, questions

3 My philosophical view Enhancement (informed by Ranald Macdonald) – Making it better – Making the best of... opportunities and resources Enhancing efficiency... – best use of resources to promote effective student learning & experience Enhancement is about change Efficiency AND Effectiveness

4 Change E-factors Efficiency Employability Students Expectations Student Engagement Equity & Diversity E-Learning Evaluation points

5 Whats out there? Lit. & web review (Summer 2010) – Lit. on costs of teaching delivery –limited – Changes associated with technology predominant Primary references – BIGGS & TANG, GARRISON & VAUGHAN, GIBBS, HEFCE, HIGHER EDUCATION ACADEMY, JISC, LAURILLARD, OBSERVATORY..., TWIGG

6 Key messages from the lit. Effective teaching & learning –focus on what the student does... Re-design for Blended Learning can benefit both efficiency and effectiveness Factors... efficiency of on-line delivery – Management of content – Management of on-line / tutor time – Focus on large cohorts

7 Our approach thro 2010-11 Developed thro dialogues 3 strands of focus – Efficiency of WHAT we teach – Efficiency AND Effectiveness of HOW we teach and assess – Efficiency of OTHER STUFF

8 Ways of working 2010-11 Embedded in normal working and budgeting – No special initiatives to buy-out time Embedding in Annual Planning and review Enhancement Academy project – Enhancing Blended Learning (ENABLE) – External workshops + critical friend – 7 course-team level projects over two years Workload allocation model being developed

9 Whats going on Portfolio reduction Blended models – Changing / reduction / removal of lectures – Online delivery Content outsourcing Assessment – Reduction, in-class, group assessment – Voice techs. for feedback Practicals / Labs / Studios Placement supervision and support

10 Evaluation Finding out and sharing – Whats going on, whats working well Evaluation – Students views, performance, achievement – Staff observations – External Examiners comments Metrics – Limited baseline info

11 What next Planning development projects for 2011-12 Build on current approaches – Course teams – Include internalised Enhancement Academy type working – More use of Learning Designs

12 REFERENCES BIGGS, J. and TANG, C., 2007. Teaching for Quality Learning at University. Third ed. Maidenhead: SRHE and Open University Press. GARRISON, D.R. and VAUGHAN, N.D., 2008. Blended Learning in Higher Education: Framework, Principles, and Guidelines. San Francisco: Josey-Bass. GIBBS, G., 1981. Twenty terrible reasons for lecturing. [online] Available from: [Accessed 08/28 2010] HEFCE., 2003. The costs of alternative modes of delivery. A study for HEFCE by JM Consulting Ltd. Bristol: HEFCE. HIGHER EDUCATION ACADEMY, 2008. Pathfinder report: Raising awareness of the costs of e- learning... [online] Higher Education Academy. Available from: nder/Briefing_Papers/EHU_Reading_CostingBriefingPaper_V2_EdgeHill.pdf [Accessed 08/28 2010] nder/Briefing_Papers/EHU_Reading_CostingBriefingPaper_V2_EdgeHill.pdf JISC. 2006 Tangible benefits of e-learning. [online] Available from: LAURILLARD, D., 2007. Modeling benefits-oriented costs for technology enhanced learning. Higher Education, 54, pp. 21-39 OBSERVATORY ON BORDERLESS HIGHER EDUCATION, 2003. Redesigning Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Using ICT: Balancing Quality, Access and Cost. OBHE. TWIGG, C.A., 2003. Improving learning and reducing costs: New models for online learning. Educause, (September/October), pp. 28-38

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