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HND Global Trade and Business Graded Units 1 and 2

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2 HND Global Trade and Business Graded Units 1 and 2
Purpose, alignment, changes, good practice

3 The purposes of Graded Units are…
To assess whether candidates have met the principal aims of the Group Award To assess a candidate’s ability to retain and integrate the knowledge and/or skills gained in other units To grade candidate achievement within the Graded Unit To promote candidates ability to evidence their problem solving skills.

4 The Graded Units... Have been reviewed as part of the wider review of the HN Business Group Award frameworks Revised Unit Specifications are in alignment with other awards Have been revised to enable candidates to more readily evidence their learning and skills.

5 Why Change the Awards? Improve manageability of the Awards
Ensure the Awards continue to be fit for purpose and provide educational value Address stakeholder feedback

6 Key changes in GTB Graded Unit 1...
Contributing Units have been updated Contributing Units now include a domestic marketing Unit as well as an international marketing Unit The main change is the division of the examination paper into two sections

7 Key changes in GTB Graded Unit 1...
The Section 1 tests the candidates ability to integrate knowledge and understanding and use problem solving techniques within the context of the given case study This Section will consist of two compulsory questions The two integrative questions in Section 1 will each attract 20 marks

8 Key changes in GTB Graded Unit 1...
Section 2 contains four questions. The candidate must answer three from four questions. One question on each of the four areas in Section 2 i.e. Economic Issues: An Introduction Managing People and Organisations Business Accounting Marketing: An Introduction & International Marketing: An Introduction Each of the four questions will attract 20 marks, and candidates should attempt only three of these four questions.

9 Key Changes to GTB Graded Unit 2…
The changes have been made to provide candidates with a better balance of skills that: Enhances the research element Allow for greater self evaluation and reflection More focus on planning Create better connections between the course and business Enhances the practical application of knowledge

10 Key changes in GTB Graded Unit 2…
Improved support for candidates Addition of self appraisal Addition of a candidate ‘diary’/log Change in the allocation of marks to each section Clarification of the minimum evidence requirements All units contribute to GTB Graded Unit 2

11 Key Changes in GTB Graded Unit 2…
There is more in common between the two versions of GTB Graded Unit 2 than is different Guidance is greater in the new Unit specification For example there is analysis, planning, organising, and reflection However there is an enhanced emphasis on the evaluation and greater guidance in the unit specification There is an updated guidance table on the differences between a grade A and a grade C Comparison handout

12 Key Changes in GTB Graded Unit 2…

13 The Unit Specification continues to...
Provide the assessor with the standard required for a candidate to achieve a pass Provide guidelines to assist the delivery, assessment and verification of the Unit Give guidance on grading showing the differences between grades A and C Be a primary reference document for all staff involved in the delivery, assessment and verification (internal and external) of the Unit and its contributing Units.

14 Assessment Exemplars as before....
Are produced to exemplify the standard of performance expected of candidates achieving the Graded Unit Do not automatically guarantee successful external verification Must be subject to an effective and approved internal verification system prior to use in a centre.

15 Brief guidance for all... The key to success is preparation
All staff should be aware of the evidence requirements of both Graded Units. The delivery of the contributing Units should be planned with the Graded Unit 1 in mind. Concepts that may be assessed as part of the Graded Unit exam and project should be clearly indicated to candidates


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