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Dr Celia Brigg Assistant Director (Skills) The North West Higher Level Skills Pathfinder.

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1 Dr Celia Brigg Assistant Director (Skills) The North West Higher Level Skills Pathfinder

2 Background Skills White Papers (2003 and 2005) DfES Grant letters to HEFCE (2006 and 2007) Leitch Review (December 2006) FE White Paper (2006) Regional Economic Strategy 2006-09 –Vision A dynamic, sustainable international economy which competes on the basis of knowledge, advanced technology and an excellent quality of life for all…

3 Background Regional Economic Strategy 2006-09 –Skills and education …Level 4 and 5 skills are required for growth in the knowledge economy. However, the region has fewer people with level 4 skills than the England average. Although the training of new graduates and their retention is high, the proportion of the existing workforce with the higher level skills required for the knowledge economy is inadequate.

4 Background Today over 70% of the workforce for 2020 has already completed their compulsory education Leitch set an objective to exceed 40% of adults qualified to level 4 and above by 2020, up from 29% in 2005 One of the aims of the Leitch Review is to increase employer investment in level 3 and 4 qualifications in the workplace

5 Background NWUA Involvement with the Regional Skills Partnership –Regional Statement of Learning and Skills Priorities –Audit of HEI provision –Developing partnerships with LSC, JC+, SSC, NWDA etc… Individual Institution employer engagement activity

6 HEFCE Objectives Embed HE in employer workforce development and skills strategies regionally, sectorally and nationally Embed workforce development and skills in HE providers strategies Promote greater co-funding of HE provision by employers

7 North West Aims Increase demand from employers for higher level skills provision Increase employer engagement in HEIs and FECs Increase the capacity of HEIs and FECs to respond to employer demand for higher level skills Test the level of funding employers are prepared to contribute for development and delivery of this provision

8 North West Model Two main aspects to the NW model –Brokerage Business Support brokerage Skills brokerage –Development of Provision Reactive – in response to demand identified through the brokerage Proactive – through partnerships with SSCs, employers etc…

9 North West Model Brokerage Through the LSC Train to Gain Skills Brokers Or Through Business Link Brokers working on wider business support activity

10 North West Model NWUA support for Train to Gain Skills Brokers and IDB Brokers: –4 Specialist HE Advisors –Online searchable database of current HE provision –Training of brokers to increase knowledge of HE

11 North West Model Development of Provision –Reactive : when needs are identified by brokers they will work with the specialist advisors to link to HEIs / FECs interested in meeting this need –Proactive : 4 sectors identified for initial focus Advanced Engineering and Materials Creative and Digital Industries Business and Professional Services Construction

12 North West Model Development of Provision –Four sector panels convened involving SSCs, NWDA, SSPAs and LSC –Panels produced guidance and issued call for proposals, then assessed proposals and agreed funding –Panels will also consider funding developments which emerge from the brokerage activity –Funding available includes development money and ASNs

13 Employer Engagement Current HEI / FEC links with employers Through Train to Gain or NW Business Link activity Through SSCs –Focus on SSCs for whom higher level skills are important to their sector e.g. Skillset, e- Skills, Skillfast-UK, Construction Skills, FSSC –Higher level skills aspects drawn from SSAs

14 Further Information Dr Celia Brigg, Assistant Director (Skills) 0161 2348891 Fiona McGregor, Specialist Advisor (Construction) 07769 883447 Peter Davies, Specialist Advisor (Digital & Creative Industries) 07769 882 487 Eddie Keating, Specialist Advisor (Business and Professional Services) 07769 883 460 Karen Lang, Senior Officer 0161 2340438 Virginia Mitchell, Administration Assistant 0161 2340431

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