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Chris Millward 26 May 2011. A new settlement for higher education ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

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1 Chris Millward 26 May 2011

2 A new settlement for higher education ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ the Independent Review of Higher Education and Student Finance (12 October) the coalition Governments first spending review (20 October) the Minister for Higher Educations statement on student finance (3 November, subsequently refined in December and February) BIS grant letter to HEFCE (20 December) guidance letter to the Office of Fair Access (10 February)

3 £2.9bn (40%) reduction from £7.1bn higher education resource budget by 2014-15 substitution of HEFCE funding for student loans, with possibly more cuts to meet student support pressures 44% reduction in capital by 2014-15 flat cash protection for science and research (9% real terms reduction) other cuts in public spending that will impact on higher education Spending Review headlines _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4 Illustrative income 2010-11 to 2014-15

5 The Browne proposal (highly simplified) Comprehensive andVariable fees progressive student aand increased competition support Better information Higher quality and Graduate and course choice more efficient jobs courses

6 controlling student finance budget whilst facilitating greater market dynamism in the sector degree and nature of the regulatory regime quality vs price/cost managing supply-side reform including entry of new providers establishing a level playing field – including a unified set of accountability and regulatory requirements for all providers mitigating against unintended consequences e.g. impact on part- time, postgraduate economy and overseas market Key dilemmas ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

7 OFFA assessment of access / outreach proposals (April to July) Government White Paper (June?) HEFCE consultation on post-2012 teaching funding – transition, new funding, student finance controls (June and autumn) Development of new regulatory approach (from White Paper) Key Information for Students proposals (July) Beginning of 2012 admissions cycle (from autumn) Key activities next 6 months ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

8 Managing the transition period __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ inform the implementation of the new funding settlement working to protect the interests of students and the sector discharge our funding and regulatory responsibilities in a fair and proportionate way support institutions through the change process including governing bodies provide people with clear and unambiguous information build on the strength of our relationships with institutions by developing new forms of partnership working and co-regulation

9 Workforce development programme _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First order objectives 35,000 additional entrants into HE co-funded by employers by 2010 100,000 enrolments to Foundation Degrees by 2010. Additional objectives test the market and levels of demand from employers and employees stimulate HE institutional change promote access to and progress through HE for a wider range of learners, particularly those in the workforce without previous experience of HE build a platform to achieve growth in HE based workforce development generate information to inform policy development.

10 growth in work-based students co-funded by HEFCE 9,300 in 2008-09 (2,400 in SMEs) 19,800 in 2009-10 (6,900 in SMEs) 35,000 in 2010-11 growth in employer income £4.2M in 2008-09 (54% public sector) £12.8M in 2009-10 (56% public sector) evidence of change, impact, and sustainability? programme-wide evaluation transition plans of institutions Workforce development - progress _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

11 Shared responsibility _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Government IndividualsEmployers

12 continued co-funding in 2011-12 transition and sustainability discussions, drawing on July evaluation report improving public information on the student experience and employment prospects student finance for 0.25 fte studies and above scope for internships, placements and employability activity within access agreements off-quota arrangements for fully employer-funded provision (?) more support for higher level apprenticeships sustained commitment to HEIF from 2011-12 to 2014-15 Contributing developments --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

13 For HEFCE: promoting employer engagement in a different way: information, co- ordination, regulation and funding. For universities and colleges: focusing on the most successful WFD activities increasing the efficiency of WFD models integrating WFD projects with other employer facing activities (e.g. employability; knowledge exchange) innovating in response to new imperatives (e.g. part-time students expectations and choices) New challenges --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

14 Thank you for listening

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