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United Nations Office of Funds and Programmes Cape Verde.

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1 United Nations Office of Funds and Programmes Cape Verde

2 Joint Office – Cape Verde Background: The Cape Verde Joint Office has: One UN Representative for Funds & Programmes who is also RC One Common Country Programme for Funds and Programme One Programme Budget / One Management Budget ▪ One single set of business processes ▪ One organizational and staffing structure ▪ One United Nations Office for UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA and WFP

3 Strong Government leadership for reform and the joint office unique initiative Donors’ willingness Harmonized process with partners: HACT advantage Staff Capacity and commitment –Teams drawing staff from all Agencies Opportunities

4 Cape Verde Common Country Programme Graduation from LDC status Country Programme designed through participatory approach Linked to MDG, DRSP,UNDAF ; Key components: Strengthening of democratic governance; Promotion of growth and economic opportunities for the most vulnerable groups; Managing environment, prevention and response to disaster; Human capital development and reform of social sector

5 One Operational Support Unit Human Resources Finance and Budget Procurement and Logistic Administrative and Asset Management Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Security Audit

6 Functioning Clustering Achieve greater effectiveness to be competitive in an evolving aid environment Achieve greater efficiency in development and delivery of assistance Reduce the burden of transaction costs to government and other partners The organogramme filled out with the competencies from the four agencies

7 Delays in decision on Support Budget Delays in Funds for Programme Implementation Lack of the MOU – Memorandum of Understanding Lack of Agencies Annual Reporting requirements Lack of Joint Office legal identity Lack of a Monitoring and Evaluation system JO issues to be adresses

8 Delivery of programme over 90 % and higher that when each of the 4 Agencies operated separately Agencies Cost of running the Joint Office was 75% in 2006 of what it cost in 2005 when each of the Agencies operated separately: this was due of streamlining of communication equipment and vehicles and more rationale use of Assets. Staff have more opportunities for learning and career development from 4 Agencies instead of one Agency Staff have access through the JO Representative to high level policy dialogue especially in relation to the graduation of Cape Verde from LDC status which high priority for national and international partners at this time 3.5 million was provided by one donor to support the implementation of the Joint Office programme and the resident donor community relies on the JO Representative to lead regular donor coordination meetings and to facilitate with national partners the implementation of the Paris Declaration. Achievements in 2006

9 Moving towards “One UN and Delivery as One” Tools and guidance developed for managing country office transition to One UN Clarify the roles of RDs and HQs in the process on One UN feasibility discussion at country level supported by Regional Bureaux with government input To Implement the “Delivering as One UN” without it becoming bureaucratic Challenges

10 Progress Status in Cape Verde Based on the leadership of Government in the establishment of the Joint Office (UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and WFP) and the active support of the resident donor community to the UN Reform, first Steering Committee meeting co-chaired by the Government and the UN was launched in October including members of the CSO. A draft document on the outline of the One Programme prepared jointly with the Government has been finalized. Especially focus in support to Cape Verde’s graduation from LDC, taking into account economic, environmental and security vulnerabilities and the need to achieve the MDGs by 2015.

11 Participating Agencies All agencies (resident and non resident) have been invited to the UNCT Retreats on “Delivering as One UN”. The following Non-Joint Office agencies, all of which came to the retreats, have expressed interest in participating in the “Delivering as One UN”: FAO, ILO, IOM, ITU, UNAIDS, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNEP, UNHABITAT, UNHCR, UNIC, UNIDO, UNIFEM, UNOCHA, UNODC, WHO and WTO.

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