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Ministry of Public Sector Development Public Sector Development Program 2005-2009 Better Government Delivering Better Result.

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1 Ministry of Public Sector Development Public Sector Development Program 2005-2009 Better Government Delivering Better Result

2 Social development Economic development Political development Security & Justice National Goals Public Sector Development Improving the machinery to deliver the National goals Jordans 10- year goals and programmes Public Sector Development & National Goals

3 Too Much Emphasis on processes and not enough on results. Resources not allocated against strategic results. Ministers involved in operational matters, leaving insufficient time for policy and strategy. Over – centralized decision – making, which undermines accountability at lower level. Lack of Human Resources planning and Development Challenges Facing Public sector More effective mechanisms to make and Coordinate strategic policy decisions. Need to ensure that achieving results take priority over processes. Need to streamline rationalize government institutions and ensure they focusing on government's core functions. Need for more efficient and effective management of resources both financial and human to ensure they are adequate and allocated in line with strategic objectives

4 Components Of Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) Institutional Streamlining Financial Management Service Delivery Improvement Human Resource Management and Development Program Management Communication and Public Awareness Government Performance Management Policy and Decision – Making

5 Institutional setup for implementing Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) Public Sector Development Ministerial Committee To play a supervisory role, monitoring the implementation of the program, managing public policies Ministry of Public Sector Development Leading a Sustainable Public Sector Development (PSD) Program and coordinating initiatives with concerned parties. The ministry is charged to implementing the following components of the (PSDP): service delivery improvement. Institutional streamlining Human Resource Management and development. Program Management. Communication and public Awareness Government Performance Directorate (GPD) Established at Prime Ministry for the purpose of implementing the Government Performance Management component of the (PSDP ) Prime Ministry is responsible for implementing the Policy and Decision- Making component of the (PSDP )

6 Streamline & strengthen the Prime Ministry Reduce the administrative burden on PM & CoM Top management Development Programme Objectives Strategies Ministries Enhanced policy- development & performance management capacity Policies & programmes linked to National objectives PM & Council of Ministers More time and enhanced support for strategic policy decision-making & performance management Policy & decision-making

7 Objective Service Delivery Improvement (SDI) Component Principles Achieving more competent and sufficient governmental Services in the public sector by providing ministries and Public institutions with: Approaches and tools for service delivery improvement. Necessary training for development teams within these ministries and governmental institutions. Consultative and technical support in general. Enacting the focus on citizens' service principle as the main tool to review the services and the method of providing them. Continuous improvement assuming that governmental services are offered to meet citizens ' and other beneficiaries' needs.

8 Providing technical and financial support to the different public institutions. Spreading best Practices among ministries and governmental institutions. Reinforcing the concept of services excellence among Ministries and Governmental institutions. objectives Challenge Fund

9 Institutional Streamlining Component Streamlining Rational Large and Divergent Governmental Organization Structure Duties and Responsibilities of Government are not focused on Governmental core Functions. No Distinction between Policy Making and Executing Functions. No Principles or mechanisms that regulate the establishment of any new governmental institution

10 Streamlining Principles Separate operational functions to support shift to management for results Establish manageable spans of control Strengthen policy functions Create a top management structure Establish clear reporting lines; eliminate overlaps and duplication Build on what we already have Doing away with redundant, contradictory and unnecessary procedures Design the structure around core functions

11 Objective HR planning and development Aligning HR needs with strategic objectives Training and development Employees with the right skills in the right positions to perform key functions Setting the legal and organizational frame work for effective HR policies Setting the methodologies of HR management and development Building Capacity of HR of public Sector Human Resource Management and development Challenges Strategies

12 Raising Public Awareness on the program among Ministries and Public Institutions and other stakeholders such as : Jordanian public, donor agencies and media. Objectives (PSD) Communication & Public Awareness Component Strategies Developing Internal and External Communication Strategies. Awareness Workshops directed on both leadership and staff levels

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