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Unit 4 Unforgettable Films Listening and Speaking.

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1 Unit 4 Unforgettable Films Listening and Speaking

2 Suppose you have won a prize or done something successfully, whom would you like to thank, and why? I’d like to thank ______who ______ because ______. For example: I’d like to thank my students who I taught and I am teaching because they always support me, trust me and share their happiness and sadness with me.

3 The Oscar for Best Actress Sandra Bullock — the winner of Oscar for Best Actress, 2010 I feel so surprised, even shocked, and my heart is full of appreciation and gratitude

4 Tick the words which can express your feelings when you succeed in doing sth. Try using them. You expected it.You didn’t expect it. joyful, happy, dreaming surprised, shocked thankful, grateful, full of appreciation or gratitude, honoured

5 Listen and write down whom she expressed appreciation to and the reasons. The personsThe reasons parentsbringing her into the world husbandhis understanding and kindness teachersteaching her everything she knows friendssupport everyonehelping her, supporting her

6 I want to thank my classmates for helping me when I was in need. Expression: thank sb. for doing sth. The personsThe expressions to show her thanks parentsI want to thank sb. for doing sth. husbandI want to thank sb. for sth. teachersI want to express my gratitude to sb. friendsI want to express my appreciation to sb. for sth. everyoneI want to say thank you to sb.

7 Useful Expressions Expressing thanks 1) Thank you very much for your help. 2) Thank you anyway/all the same. 3) That's very kind/good of you. 4) I’d like to express my gratitude/appreciation for your kindness. 5) I really appreciate it. 6) I can never thank you enough for your hospitality. Responding to thanks 1) You’re welcome. 2) It was nothing. 3) Don’t mention it. 4) It’s my pleasure. 5) Forget it. 6) I’m glad to be of some help. 7) It was a piece of cake.

8 Pair Work Situation 1Ask one of your friends to buy a film ticket for you. Say sorry, for the tickets have been sold out. Express thanks. Situation 2Ask your deskmate to help you with a math problem. Agree happily. Say thanks. Say it’s easy.

9 BE THANKFUL Be thankful just for what you've got If love is your guide, you've got a lot 'Cause power here on earth goes by Forget your fear, no need to cry Be thankful just for what you see We're part of nature's harmony Where everything is everything Who's losing now tomorrow may win Be thankful just for who you are Inside your soul you'll find your star Take care of it and let it shine Leave all your pain and sorrow behind

10 Homework Write down your thanks and express them to sb. around you (friends, family, teachers, or even enemy)


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