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Tait Institute of Math Phys

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1 Tait Institute of Math Phys
Peter Guthrie Tait 1831 – 1901 Chair of Natural Philosophy at Edinburgh Hamilton's Quaternions Theory of Knots with Maxwell & Thomson Trajectory of Golf Balls

2 Max Born (1882-1970) Nobel Prize 1954: quantum theory
Statistical interpretation of quantum theory Tait Professor at Edinburgh University Unfortunate Scandal: Implicated in the Klaus Füchs spying case; Füchs was an associate of Born in Edinburgh Born was totally exonerated according to his secretary Ray Chester who still lives in Pennicuik outside Edinb.

3 Nicholas Kemmer ( ) Tait Professor of Mathematical Physics at Edinburgh ETH (Zurich): An associate of Wolfgang Pauli Kemmer Equations: Pions (Yukawa) Helped me enormously in my effort to come to UK to do scientific research.

4 Wolfgang Pauli (1898-1988) Nobel Prize 1945
Exclusion Principle Kemmer made interesting comments 137 bus in London had a special significance Erdeli – Maths Professor in Edinburgh had a tremendous capacity for mental computing (like Indian Mathematician Ramanujan an associate of Hardy)

5 Peter Higgs Gauge Theory of Broken Symmetries Higgs Boson(s)
60s: Reader at Tait Institute of Math. Physics Gave our Quantum Field Theory Lectures Now: Emeritus Professor at Edinburgh

6 Academics at Tait Institute in 60s
Lecturers: David Candlin (Computer liason with RHEL) Lance Vick Trevor Priest (now Senior Lecturer Exeter Univ) Peter Osborne (now retired) Ken Bowler (now Professor) Research Fellows: Mladen Martinis (now Professor at Zagrev) Razmi (Pakistan) ......

7 Research Students Diploma in theTheory of Elementary Particle:
Ananda Amatya (Nepal) (Ph. D) Klaus Büchner (Germany, now Prof. at Munich) Geoffrey Henderson (Northern Ireland) (Ph. D) Irshadullah Khan (Pakistan) (Ph. D) Melvin Roberts (Wales) Norman White (Scotland) (Ph. D) Continuing Students: Alan Richie

8 Research Students Hans Grimmer (now Professor at Zurich)
Alasdair Broadfoot (now at Napier Univ) Dikran Tcharakian (Armenian) David Wallace (Tait Professor; now Vice- Chancellor at Leicester University) Alexander Newlands (research under Prof. Euan Squires of Durham University) Komy ? (Egypt) ......

9 Research Interests Symmetry Groups for Particles Quantum Field Theory
Lie Algebra, Unitary groups Quantum Field Theory Spontaneous break down of symmetries S-Matrix Theory Complex angular momentum, Regge Poles Phase Analysis of Hadron Interactions Dispersion Relations & Current Algebras

10 Sophus Lie (1842-1899) Lie Groups
Continuous groups of transformations (symmetry groups) Howard Georgi, "Lie Algebras in Particle Physics", Second Edition, 1999 Sophus Class Library for Solving PDEs (Partial Differential Equations)

11 Paul Dirac (1902-1984) Nobel Prize 1933 Saw him in 1967 at Cambridge
Anti-particles Saw him in 1967 at Cambridge Dirac Equation Positron

12 Stephen Hawkins Was Introduced to Stephen By Bruno Renner at Cambridge in 1967 I owe much to Bruno for helping me in my research in Particle Physics. Sadly Bruno died in a climbing accident in 1973

13 Hans Bethe (1906-) Nobel Prize 1967
Nuclear energy in stars Attended his lecture in 1969 at ICTP, Trieste

14 Murray Gell-Mann (1929-) Nobel Prize 1969
Classification of Particles and their interactions Attended his seminar in at ICTP, Trieste SU(3) matrices Quarks

15 Sheldon Glashow (1932-) Nobel Prize 1979
Unified theory of Weak and Electromagnetic interactions of elementary particles Attended Lectures by him (and Sidney Coleman) at Erice 1966 Summer School SU(2)xU(1) QCD

16 Abdus Salam (1926-1996) Nobel Prize 1979
Unified theory of Weak and Electromagnetic interactions of elementary particles Met in ICTP Trieste in & 1969 Helped me to return to Europe. (I held a three month long visiting research fellowship at ICTP in 1969)

17 Stephen Weinberg (1933-) Nobel Prize 1979
Unified theory of Weak and Electromagnetic interactions of elementary particles Attended a seminar by him at ICTP, Trieste, 1967 Peter Higgs rated his research papers very highly

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