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Media Magic Using Images in Other Mediums By Anthony Critchley (Winstanley College)

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1 Media Magic Using Images in Other Mediums By Anthony Critchley (Winstanley College)

2 Q Project – Chemistry Clips for Dangerous Experiments Video Clips readily accessible from the College Intranet HTML files created by Chemistry teacher using Microsoft FrontPage View Clips

3 Why HTML? Adding video clips to PowerPoint can create huge file sizes Accessible to the students via the college intranet from home at anytime

4 How we use the materials Learners – Valuable reference/learning material available to them via the college intranet, which is also accessible from home via a password Staff – The project has inspired departments to follow suit. Staff are becoming more creative in their ideas on how to improve the teaching & learning experience using IT as a tool. College – Winstanley College will benefit greatly as a learning organisation as students are able to access quality materials.

5 Lessons Learnt Plan the project thoroughly – create/draw storyboards. Be prepared that mistakes can and do happen. You may need to film a clip more than once! Time management is vital Ensure that you have the correct equipment/software to digitally capture video clips Staff need to be available to create the video – 1 to film and 1 to partake A reasonably lit, quiet room with a plain background is recommended Be patient and learn from your mistakes

6 Evaluation of the Materials Very pleased with the quality of the video clips Valuable experience in technical ability Mistakes made will ensure that future projects will be improved further

7 Technical Details 8mm Camcorder with tripod used to film clips. TV/Video capture card for PC to convert digitally Web development software such as Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage installed on PC CD Burning software such as NERO and a CD Read/Write for the PC to create CDROMS

8 Step by Step Guide Create folder to store all webpage documents – including a video_clip folder. Copy your video clips into the new folder.

9 Within FrontPage you can create your webpage. Highlight the text you wish to make a hyperlink to the video clip. Then click the insert button on the toolbar – choose hyperlink

10 Clicking the button placed in between the globe and envelope allows you to browse your local files

11 Browse your files until you find the clip you wish to hyperlink to (should be within the folder you created earlier) – highlight and click OK

12 The highlighted text will then turn blue, to indicate that it is now a hyperlink You must now save your webpage within the folder you created earlier

13 You will now be able to view your webpage in a browser such as Internet Explorer Clicking the link will automatically bring up Windows Media Player. The video will play for you.

14 Further Developments Video Editing software purchased- (Adobe Premiere) A PC dedicated to just video editing is to be purchased Boxmind Software purchased to improve the quality of resources - sample sample

15 Thank You… Any questions??

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