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“The best way to predict the future is to plan for it.”

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2 “The best way to predict the future is to plan for it.”

3  From the moment you start 9 th grade, your classes and your grades become part of a transcript of your high school experience. You and your school endeavors will be held to accountability at this point forward. Understand that all failing grades from the 9 th grade on must be made up. Your educational choices can move you toward career pathways that make sense to you. Now is the time to start steering your own course. Classes can and should be planned out. Please look at your 9 th grade registration with careful eyes. Discuss your choices with your parents, make this YOUR coursework.

4  Welcome to 9 th grade registration.  Please put your name on your registration form.  This form is due Wednesday, October 22th.  Turn this form into your Science teacher.

5  A credit is a number that is assigned to a class that tells if it is a whole year class or a half year class.  1.0 = Full Year Class or 1 credit .5 = Half Year Class or a half credit or semester of credit  This year your required classes and your elective classes must add up to 7.0

6  7 Credits in 9 th Grade (Orion)  8 Credits in 10 th Grade (Weber)  8 Credits in 11 th Grade (Weber)  8 Credits in 12 th Grade (Weber)  31 Credits  Notice that there are 4 extra credits for you to utilize. Some ideas for using these extra credits would be to take college level courses while you are in high school, utilize a work study program, become involve in an ATC program, take Seminary for 4 years, or graduate early.

7  English (4 credits)  Math(3 credits)  Science(3 credits)  Social Studies (3 credits)  Fine Arts (1.5 credit)  Health (.5 credits)  P.E. (1.5 credits)  CTE (1.0 credits)  Computer Technology(.5 credit)  Financial Literacy (.5 credit)  Electives (8.5 credits) = 27  Extra 4 for non Seminary (4.0 credits) = 31

8  English 9 (English 9 or Honors ) 1.0  Geography.5 or A.P. Geography 1.0  Earth Systems 1.0 or Physics with Technology 1.0  Math or Honors Math 1.0  P.E. is optional, but most 9 th grade students take it.5

9  Honors English is for students that are getting A’s in their 8 th grade English classes. There will be more homework in this class and more in-depth projects.  Better to get an A in a regular English class than a B or C in Honors English  You can choose which class

10  There are 2 math choices If you are in Math 8 you will take: Secondary Mathematics I If you are in Math 8 – Honors you will take: Secondary Mathematics I- Honors

11  Last year a formula was used to determine students who qualified for Honors Math. Those students have the options to stay on that track or bump to Secondary Math I. Students may not take Honors unless they are currently in the program.

12  Physical Education  Fine Arts  World Languages  Career and Technology Education  Computer Technology  Aides / Elective Credits  Release Time/Seminary (No School Credit)

13  You do NOT have to take a foreign language to graduate from high school.  If you are going to take a foreign language class next year, this is how you will mark your paper.  - If you have never had FL take FL 1  - If you have taken 1 FL class take FL2  - If you have taken 2 FL classes take FL3

14  If you have not taken a keyboarding class, we highly recommend that you take one. Basic keyboarding is no longer offered at the high school.  Computer Technology is a required class for graduation, we recommend that you take this class in 9 th grade. Keyboarding skills are needed for this class

15  Project Lead The Way is a pre- engineering model. There are two classes that are taught in the 9th grade There will be 12 students that will qualify for this course. If you plan on taking Project Lead The Way, list it as an alternative and then you can discuss your course requests during your PCCR.

16  Media Aide, Office Aide and Yearbook are the three classes at Orion that must be applied for. If you are interested in any of these classes, make sure you list them under the “Application Classes” section. You will also need to staple an application form to this sheet. If you are chosen for one of these classes, the counseling center will move the class from the application area and build it into your final schedule.

17  You may want to make Seminary a part of your total education program. Although you do not get graduation credit, you can still graduate from Seminary and high school and be prepared for college, but you have no room for any F grades.

18  1. Choose the English class of your choice. Regular or Honors. Circle it.  2. Choose your math class. Circle it.  3. Choose your geography class. Circle it.  4. Choose your science class. Circle it.  5. Are you going to take P.E. in the ninth grade? If so, Circle it.  6. Choose your electives. They need to total 3.0 or 3.5 depending on which classes you take. Write the course numbers in the rectangles on the left. Write the course names in the rectangles in the middle.  7. Pick three back up courses. We may need these if other classes are full. Write the course numbers in the rectangles on the left. Write the course names in the rectangles in the middle.  If you are applying for a class, write it in the application area. Fill out the application form. Attach it to your registration form.

19 All 8 th grade students are required to meet with their counselor for a PCCR meeting! PCCR meetings will be taking place December 1 st – January 16 th. We will be reviewing your registration form, setting goals, looking at your ACT Explore test, and talking about the future.

20  Starting today, students and parents must make an appointment for your PCCR!!!  Appointments can be made by registering on the OJH website, or by calling the counseling department.  If no appointment is made, a time and date will be assigned.

21  Sign your registration form.  Have your parents sign your form.  Return it to school on Monday.  Turn it into your Science teacher.


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