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1 Dignity Champions Presentation
My Story…………………………… Shu Pao Lim MBE Aged 86 Founder & Chair of The Great Wall Society & The Camden Chinese Community Centre Presented by Shu Pao LimMBE designed & produced by Katrina Young- Event Coordinator May 2008

2 Background History Shu Pao was born in Burma and fled to China 1942 during the war She and her family trekked along the Burma Road to China She has four sons She was awardeded a schlorship in USA but due to the culture came to settle in London in 1959 Shu Pao was the first Chinese community worker in the UK in 1975

3 Continued…. At the age of 50, she went to Oxford University to study Social Adminstration Mrs Lim is the founder of Camden Chinese Community Centre (CCCC) & Great Wall Society, & the main force behind the opening of the first Abbeyfield house for older Chinese people in Camden in 1993

4 Working background She helped set up the UK's first Chinese community centre in London over 25yrs ago

5 Continued………….. She set up sheltered housing for homeless Chinese people ten years ago called The Great Wall Society Ltd

6 More …………….. It is the only Chinese Sheltered Home in London
It offers homes for Chinese people over 60 who can live independently and homeless

7 Shu Pao Lim MBE - is the founder of Great Wall Society Limited
Current Shu Pao Lim MBE - is the founder of Great Wall Society Limited

8 Working to support Dignity in Care
Helping others in retirement, helping out with their shopping Shu Pao Lim believes that community centres are important, they are places where people of all ages can meet

9 Shu Pao Lim - News Is a member of NFSH
Was awarded a MBE on 31st December 1999 Received the Exemplary Volunteer from CIBF Model mother award Chinese elderly Award As well as others not mentioned Shu Pao appears on the Help The Aged website as a case study Nominated in 2006 for the UK Chinese Senior Citizen Award Is a member of many organisations

10 Statement ‘My top priority now is to set up an extra care home for the frail and elderly & all that need help in London’

11 References, Websites & Literature / This presentation was produced on behalf of Shu Pao Lim MBE by Katrina Young Project Support - Event Coordinator

12 Questions

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