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Authorship and Institutional Repositories: A Multinational Study of Archiving Behaviour Key Perspectives Ltd.

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1 Authorship and Institutional Repositories: A Multinational Study of Archiving Behaviour Key Perspectives Ltd

2 Reasons for the study To complement our study completed in February 2004 on open access publishing funded by JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) To understand better author behaviour with respect to self- archiving; data will be used to inform debate and activities in this arena Key Perspectives Ltd

3 Methodology Online survey Three populations contributed: Interested and informed population (n = 401) Interested and informed population (n = 401) Self-archived population (n = 47) Self-archived population (n = 47) Random sample of authors (n = 796) Random sample of authors (n = 796) Total population: n=1244 Key Perspectives Ltd

4 Geographical origin of respondents Australia/New Zealand 9% Asia 3% China 5% Japan 1% North America 25% Central/South America 8% European Union 14% UK 12% Other European countries 13% Middle East 5% Africa 4% Key Perspectives Ltd

5 Subject areas of respondents Agriculture/food 8% Business/mgmt 4% Chemistry 9% Computer sci 6% Earth/geog sci 3% Eng/materials sci10% Humanities 5% Law/politics1% Library/info sci2% Life Sciences 18% Mathematics 5% Medical sciences 19% Physics7% Psychology 10% Social sci/educ 11% Key Perspectives Ltd

6 Why provide open access? Institution-related advantages: –Standardised online CVs for all researchers (e.g. RAE exercise) –Marketing tool for universities –Repository for all digital output from an institution Author-related advantages: –It enhances accessibility –It increases the impact of an authors work (yes, it does…) Key Perspectives Ltd


8 Author-related factors Yes, they DO publish for impact Key Perspectives Ltd

9 And… Only 12% of authors say they have easy access to ALL the articles they need to read Key Perspectives Ltd

10 Open Access provision: two ways Publish work in open access journals Self-archive: –Personal or departmental website –Institutional or departmental archive (repository) –Subject-based or thematic repository Key Perspectives Ltd

11 Institutional archives Between 300 and 600 in existence 124 in Europe ( UK 35, Germany 16, France 15, Sweden 13, Netherlands 12, Italy 5 ) 60 in USA 20 in Canada 10 in Australia Key Perspectives Ltd

12 Searching institutional archives 9% use CitebaseSearch 3% use OAIIECSP 2% use Arc Others used: Arc, Callima, Cyclades, OAIster, Perseus, Public Knowledge Project OA Harvester (PKP), SAIL, TORII

13 How many authors are self- archiving at the moment? LocationPre-printPost-print Personal web page 16%26% Institutional (or departmental) archive 15%22% Centralised (subject- based) archive 9%13% Key Perspectives Ltd BUT… 78% of authors who have not self-archived are not aware of the possibility of providing open access to their work by self-archiving

14 How did they learn about self- archiving? Key Perspectives Ltd

15 For how long? Key Perspectives Ltd

16 Why are they self-archiving? Self-motivated:43% Peers or co-authors:17% OA articles are more highly cited:11% Library or inst administrators:14% Research funder encouragement: 8% Departmental encouragement: 7% Key Perspectives Ltd

17 Who has done the depositing? Key Perspectives Ltd

18 Author expectations about data longevity Key Perspectives Ltd

19 How can self-archiving be boosted? If your employer or research funder REQUIRED you to deposit copies of your articles in an open archive…. 79% would comply WILLINGLY 17% would comply reluctantly 4% would not comply 4% would not comply Key Perspectives Ltd

20 Just one of the new challenges… Organise and make sense of information in open archives: –Preprint or postprint –Reference –Information retrieval issues: Controlled terms/indexing Nested sets, etc Set delimiters Analysis functions …….

21 Swan A, Needham P, Probets P, Muir A, OBrien A, Oppenheim C, Hardy R and Rowland F (2004). Delivery, management and access model for E-prints and open access journals within further and higher education (Report of a JISC study). pp 1-121. Alma Swan, Paul Needham, Steve Probets, Adrienne Muir, Anne OBrien, Charles Oppenheim, Rachel Hardy, Fytton Rowland and Sheridan Brown (2005). Developing a model for e-prints and open access journal content for UK higher and further education. In press (Learned Publishing, Jan 2005 issue). Preprint available at: pdf pdf pdf Swan, Alma and Brown, Sheridan (2004) Report of the JISC/OSI journal authors survey. pp 1-76. Swan, Alma and Brown, Sheridan (2004) Authors and open access publishing. Learned Publishing, 17 (3), 219-224. bin/linker?ini=alpsp&reqidx=/cw/alpsp/09531513/v17n3/s7/p219 bin/linker?ini=alpsp&reqidx=/cw/alpsp/09531513/v17n3/s7/p219 bin/linker?ini=alpsp&reqidx=/cw/alpsp/09531513/v17n3/s7/p219

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