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Researchers and academic libraries Alma Swan Key Perspectives Ltd Truro, UK Quebec universities libraries sub-committee conference, Quebec, 9 May 2008.

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1 Researchers and academic libraries Alma Swan Key Perspectives Ltd Truro, UK Quebec universities libraries sub-committee conference, Quebec, 9 May 2008

2 Researchers and Libraries study for the Research Information Network (RIN), London Key Perspectives Ltd

3 Examine the current situation Record views and expectations about foreseeable future On occasions, take a look back The overall approach Key Perspectives Ltd

4 Methodology Online surveys: researchers: 2250+ librarians: 300+ Telephone interviews: 30 researchers librarians library educators information specialists Focus groups: librarians: 4 researchers: 6 Key Perspectives Ltd

5 Themes Digitisation The library as a place Use of resources Finding of resources Way work is done Access Roles and responsibilities Communication Key Perspectives Ltd

6 A sense of place Is the library a real place at all anymore? Key Perspectives Ltd

7 Weekly visits to the library Key Perspectives Ltd

8 Why go at all? To access print resources To order inter-library loan material To talk to a subject librarian To use the library as a laboratory Key Perspectives Ltd

9 Key issues relating to the library space Opening hours Browsing Quiet study The library is now an undergraduate space Key Perspectives Ltd

10 Roaming Reading rights:47% Exercise borrowing rights:30% SCONUL Research Extra:11% Considered a major advance in providing access Those as yet unaware are very interested N.B. Those working away from their home institution are increasing Key Perspectives Ltd

11 Print content Key Perspectives Ltd

12 Usefulness of print resources Key Perspectives Ltd

13 Digital information Information wants to be digital e-journals e-books e-datasets Digital archival collections Digital finding aids Key Perspectives Ltd

14 Digital finding aids Key Perspectives Ltd

15 Do they find what they want? Not at all expert: Use what theyve always used Use Google – a lot Good enough tendency Contrary: ask for full-text databases and then say Web of Science is enough Easily deterred: Remote holdings Locally held microform, microfilm Locally-held print Key Perspectives Ltd

16 Seeking an article Electronic full-text locally Google for an easily located version e-mail a friend in another institution e-mail author Inter-Library Loan Subject librarian Level of need versus effort Key Perspectives Ltd

17 Accessing digital information Key Perspectives Ltd

18 Inter-library lending Static or declining Decline particularly marked for journal articles Decline gradual for conference papers More or less static for books, theses, audio-visual materials Becoming more challenging to fulfil Increasingly associated with rise of interdisciplinary research? Key Perspectives Ltd

19 Open access Librarian awareness is high Researcher awareness is low Key Perspectives Ltd

20 OA education tools Key Perspectives Ltd

21 Institutional repositories Maximise the visibility of research outputs Maximise the impact of an institution Collect and curate ALL the research output Showcase the institutions work Will form the data layer of the future i2010 Vision Single Information Space Provide the locus for measurement, assessment and management (in association with information in the institutions CRIS) Key Perspectives Ltd

22 Does your institution have a repository? Key Perspectives Ltd

23 Copyright Key Perspectives Ltd

24 Librarians: Roles and responsibilities Custodian of information Manager of institutional repositories Administrator of information purchasing and delivery services Subject information expert Teacher of information literacy skills Manager of data Technology specialist Key Perspectives Ltd

25 Future roles for librarians: researchers views Key Perspectives Ltd

26 Future roles for librarians: all groups views

27 The way they are working Interdisciplinary research Big science / e-research Medium-to-small science / research pools Virtual Research Environments Data Metrics Demands: New and different resources New ways to assess and plan for needs Awareness that these researchers may not know themselves what they need or should consult Key Perspectives Ltd

28 Big research, different research Interdisciplinary research e-research Semantic technologies bringing new ways to do research Implications for library services Not just infrastructural, but cultural too Cornells VIVO Key Perspectives Ltd

29 Research data What are libraries to do about this? Watch out for more funder mandates Growing importance as outputs in themselves Big data are safe (ish) But we should be worrying about small data (who need carers) Data are only really important if they are re-usable Key Perspectives Ltd

30 Metrics The RAE is fanning the flames now in the UK (and the REF in Australia) Can only produce a range of really good metrics on an open corpus What metrics do YOU want to see? Can you help by producing the raw material? Key Perspectives Ltd

31 Future roles in supporting research, then… Custodianship of archival collections Subject expertise Training in information literacy Technical expertise Metadata expertise Management of the institutional outputs Strategic role in institutional profiling and publishing Key Perspectives Ltd

32 Channels, communications Key Perspectives Ltd Researchers Research managers / funders LIBRARY Institutional management

33 Merci pour votre attention

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