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Dealing with digital furniture: LMS, IRs and CRIS – Opportunities for Integration William J Nixon, Digital Library Development Manager.

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1 Dealing with digital furniture: LMS, IRs and CRIS – Opportunities for Integration William J Nixon, Digital Library Development Manager

2 The LMS, the IR and the CRIS (our silos) Library Management System (1995) –Millennium from Innovative Interfaces Inc –Encore (2008) Institutional Repository Software –ePrints (2001) and DSpace (2002) –Focus is now on ePrints as the Enlighten Service IR Development is collaborative –Support from Universitys IT Services Department –Servers hosted and backed up by IT Services Current Research System (CRIS) –In-house bespoke system, web interface & SSO


4 Encore results: Language in Pictland [Screenshot]


6 WebPAC Record: Language in Pictland [Screenshot]





11 Research System

12 Key Drivers for Open Access in the University Increased impact for research made openly available Public presentation of the Universitys research profile Compliance with funding body policies on Open Access –Wellcome Trust –Research Councils UK Effectively managing our research publications

13 Enlighten Mature and well established institutional repository service (since 2001) at Glasgow A hybrid repository with over 4900 records for published research outputs Focus is on journal articles, conference papers, books and book chapters Publications policy approved by University Senate in June 2008 Has been supported by the University since 2005 when project funding ended Is run by staff based in the Library in partnership with IT Services

14 Repository needs: A Glasgow perspective Fulfilling our Open access agenda and obligations Increasing the visibility of University research Implementing a university wide publications database - based on the repository Mandating electronic theses deposit Preparing for assessment exercises Enabling publications data to be re-used


16 Twin Tracks : Policies and Technology Policies Strongly Encourage (April 2006) University Policy Statement on Publications (June 2008) Technology Mature repository software Ease of import and export of data Integration with Millennium/Encore and the Research System

17 Vice-Principal Research very supportive Broad support across the University for the repository Colleagues asking How [to deposit] not Why? Not losing sight of full text [40%] Copyright no longer an excuse! A Quiet Revolution [or overnight success]?

18 The University Publications Policy Policy approved by Senate at the June 2008 meeting Various elements within the policy –Bibliographic details of all research outputs must be made available within Enlighten – applies from January 2008 onwards –From September 2008 onwards staff should deposit a copy of peer-reviewed, published journal articles and conference proceedings into Enlighten, where copyright allows, as soon as possible after publication –Staff should use a set form of address when submitting work for publication

19 Why do we need a policy? Work carried out for the RAE and REF pilots made it clear that the University needs a central way of managing publications data Data about research publications needs to be gathered on a regular ongoing basis Important to make full text of publications as widely available as possible in order to maximise visibility and impact

20 Usage of full text already held in Enlighten High levels of usage of individual items, e.g. Language in Pictland : the case against 'non-Indo-European Pictish by Katherine Forsyth (Department of Celtic) has been downloaded more than 48,000 times Top 10 papers have been downloaded >7,000 times

21 Three Deposit Models Mediated deposit:departments continue to maintain a local publications database and send regular imports. Full text will be sent directly by academic staff to a dedicated e-mail address ( Proxy deposit: a member of administrative staff will carry out deposit of bibliographic details and full text directly into Enlighten on behalf of academic staff (academics will need to send full text to the nominated member of admin staff) Self-deposit: individual members of academic staff will deposit data and full text directly into Enlighten

22 Staff Support for the Repository Two repository managers (P/T) –Advocacy and Service Development Bibliographic Services Staff (Cataloguing) –Additional University funding for two posts –Repository Editors –Check copyright for full text –Assign subject heading(s) –Validate Glasgow authors –Provide PDF coversheet for articles –Liaise with staff depositing material –Approve records for the Live repository –Add catalogue records for books and theses


24 Enlighten: LCSH Listings

25 Enrich: CRIS and Repository Integration Delivering a comprehensive University-wide repository which will also act as a central publications database (going back to at least 2001) Enhancing usability for depositors with links to the Universitys Research System using SSO Effectively managing the content in the repository including usage statistics and monthly deposit reports Providing clear deposit policies and workflows with academic departments and faculties Creating staff profile pages on the web using data from core institutional systems including Enlighten and the Research System Ensuring compliance with funders open access grant and award policies Improving publicity and dissemination of research outputs

26 Enrich: Three Key Elements for Success Relationships Strong relationships between repository managers and staff at all levels are vital in supporting the deposit of content. Systems and Processes Technical and administrative processes needed to join-up the existing elements of the research lifecycle which will facilitate the ease of deposit. Policies Management and monitoring of both the Universitys Publication Policy and those of our funders to ensure compliance.

27 The Journey to Integration (and Interoperability) Research System –Funders and project codes –Staff identifiers –Alerts for compliance with OA Grants Integration opportunities with Millennium –WebBridge – Origin and Resource (Find More!) –Encore Harvesting –Research Pro

28 Questions? William J Nixon (

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