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Market Operations & North America 24 April 2008 Confidential.

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1 Market Operations & North America 24 April 2008 Confidential

2 © Lloyds2 Market Operations in 2008 Finish what weve started Look to the future

3 © Lloyds3 Finish what weve started ECF Tactical system changes Strategic Review Process enhancements A&S Withdrawal of van service for Original Premiums – no paper by end of Q4 Changes to make broker procedures more efficient Improve system stability

4 © Lloyds4 Look to the future - Initiatives Market Operations o Tax & Regulatory data o Accounting, Reporting & Money Movement o Standards o Lloyds Exchange o Catch All Londonisms o Other market projects North America o International distribution o Coverholders

5 © Lloyds5 Lloyds Exchange Why are we doing this? Mexican standoff Market wants to get involved Who to choose Remove barriers to entry Create momentum

6 © Lloyds6 Lloyds Exchange What are we doing? Market Directory Information exchange – Hub Buy not Build Tried & tested technology

7 © Lloyds7 Lloyds Exchange Whats our process? Determine strategy for Lloyds Exchange (Q1-Q2) Discuss strategy with market associations and a range of market participants (Q1-Q2) Tender process - selection of partner supplier – (Q2-Q3) Identify pilot group and terms of reference (Q2) Implementation and market pilot (Q3)

8 © Lloyds8 Look to the future – Placement 2008 Engaged with the market associations to ensure we are aligned Pursued with full input from EPSG Get involved – 0207 327 6987

9 © Lloyds9

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