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28 April 2009 Understanding Strategic Commissioning.

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1 28 April 2009 Understanding Strategic Commissioning

2 Martyn Allison National Advisor Culture & Sport.

3 Why do we need to think about this now? Public service improvement remains a key priority. The focus on delivering local outcomes will be a key focus in the CAA. The financial downturn will drive the efficiency agenda faster and further. The culture and sport sector need to better understand it and engage with it.

4 Needs & aspirations Improved quality of life outcomes Delivery partnerships Joint activity Political choice Governance & probity Capacity & competence Behaviour The ideal model of public service delivery?

5 Strategic Commissioning What is it?…….

6 Commissioning & Strategic Commissioning Strategic commissioning is the process the LSP goes through to deliver the Sustainable Community Strategy and the LAA. Commissioning is the application of the process at an operational level e.g. within a culture and sport service or individual services.

7 Something old…….. Providing better public services Good procurement Good performance management

8 Something new… Strategic partnership working & finding the right delivery partner Defining outcomes based on evidenced need Managing contract performance to outputs and outcomes (not inputs) Stimulating the market particularly the third sector New opportunities for the sector

9 Something borrowed…….. It has its origins in the reform of the health service and changes in the education and social care sector Some of us have been commissioning on a small scale for some time e.g. artists

10 Something blue Viewed by some as a continuation of the service externalisation debate It challenges traditional ways of working and in house provision

11 Some of the complexities….. We are often the commissioner and the commissioned at the same time It may apply to service and facilities and may result in new service providers, new facilities or both in the same package The sector is at different levels of understanding because of their history

12 How does it work ? Three key stages…… strategic planning (based on proper assessment of need and resources available) procurement (including analysis of supply options and option appraisal ) performance management. (including the measurement of outcomes and impact)

13 The process of commissioning

14 Opportunities for the sector We can improve what we offer by ensuring needs, outcomes, delivery partners and performance management are better aligned. We can generate more activity and resource by responding to other commissions e.g. health, older people, children & young people.

15 Challenges for culture & sport Needs assessment – we need to improve how we define community need Resource allocation - major demands now on new capital and revenue expenditure Options appraisal – we need to improve how we identify the best provider/delivery option to meet the needs Procurement – we need to improve how we procure services to achieve outcomes and value for money Performance management and evaluation. – we need to improve how we measure our contribution to outcomes Market development and capacity building – we need to ensure there are a good range of delivery partners capable of providing services that achieve the desired outcomes

16 A word on the economy Councils will want to make efficiency savings……lets at least do it right Finding a range of delivery partners to work together may deliver these efficiency savings The big spenders will still need to deliver on big outcomes……you can help them But…… has the sector got the capacity and the will to rise to this challenge?

17 Help & support….. Framework document to stimulate discussion across the sector Guidance papers on Need assessment Option appraisal & procurement Building third sector capacity Case studies Competencies Further resources next year

18 Links & information IDeA Knowledge Health and wellbeing DH, Commissioning Framework for Health and Wellbeing (2005) PolicyAndGuidance/DH_072604 PolicyAndGuidance/DH_072604 Guidance and tools: sscommissioning/index.htm sscommissioning/index.htm Childrens services DCSF, Joint Planning and Commissioning Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity Services (2006) 7C1592F8.pdf 7C1592F8.pdf Guidance and tools:

19 Links & information Housing-related support CLG, Needs Analysis, Commissioning and Procurement for Housing-related Support (2008) Learning and skills LSC, LSC Business Cycle Employment services etc. DWP, DWP Commissioning Strategy (2008) Offender management MJ, NOMS Commissioning Framework events/publications/strategy/Nat_Commissioning_Fwork_0708?view=Binary events/publications/strategy/Nat_Commissioning_Fwork_0708?view=Binary Sport England Facility Improvement Service (FIS)

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