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Assessment of the Cross-curricular Skills INSET Principals Information Seminars November 2010.

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1 Assessment of the Cross-curricular Skills INSET Principals Information Seminars November 2010

2 Principals and Senior Managers will: - be aware of current information from DE regarding the incoming Assessment Arrangements; - be aware of the timescales for implementation and the programme of training and support; - be aware of the proposed model; - see a taster of Module 2 (online); and - receive some information on Module 3.

3 Overview 1. Introduction: Background and Legislation 2. Assessment Arrangements 3. Management and Scenarios 4. Online Course Information 5. Questions 6. Evaluation

4 Session 1 Introduction

5 Background and Legislation Education (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 DE Circular: 2010/05 DE Letter: 17 September 2010 The Education (Pupil Reporting) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2009 The Education (Levels of Progression for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3)(Transitional) Order (Northern Ireland) 2010

6 Other Key Documents Every School a Good School Teaching: the Reflective Profession Effective Use of Data Together Towards Improvement

7 Every School a Good School: A Policy for School Improvement (Department of Education, 2009) Broader Context

8 Longer term targets for improving educational outcomes (Department of Education, 2009)

9 Broader Context Together Towards Improvement: A Process for Self-Evaluation (ETI, 2010) The Quality Indicators

10 A s you are listening to the presentation today, please consider: your stage of readiness for the introduction of the statutory assessment arrangements starting in 2012/13; how you will begin to incorporate the implications of today in your School Development Plan.

11 Session 2 Assessment Arrangements

12 Statutory Assessment

13 Cross-curricular Skills Levels of Progression: - Communication - Using Mathematics - Using ICT

14 Timeline

15 Quality Assuring Assessment Outcomes Moderation … a robust model of moderated teacher- assessment that: a. recognises the primacy and professionalism of teachers; and b. provides consistency and rigour. (Department of Education, May 2010)

16 Characteristics of Moderation Rolling programme commencing 2012/2013 Guidance and support materials CCEA Assessment Tasks Tasks embedded in ongoing learning and teaching Possibility of accredited schools

17 Session 3 Model of INSET Delivery Module 1 – Face-to-face …………………………………. Module 2 – Online …………………………………. Module 3 – Face-to-face ………………………………….

18 Module 1 Format: Face-to-face Training What:Introduction to the course/Accessing Module 2 How: 1 day for up to 2 teachers (e.g. Assessment Coordinator + AN Other); and Teacher Release available

19 Module 2 Format: Online Training What:Levels of Progression (Communication and Using Mathematics) and supporting materials How:All teaching staff Up to eight hours learning time Up to four weeks to complete Reflection/discussion activities Must be completed before Module 3 Irish Medium Version

20 Module 3 Format: Face-to-face Training What:Application of Levels of Progression (Communication and Using Mathematics) How:For all teaching staff, in school or in a cluster To be completed on a Staff Development Day Irish Medium Training SLD tailored provision

21 Support INSET Ring binder Frequently Asked Questions Forum Exemplification Database -including Assessment Tasks Helpdesk:Telephone 028 9026 1252 Email

22 Session 4 Module 2: Taster

23 Useful Link:

24 Session 5 Thank You Any Questions?

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