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UCET conference Birmingham November 2008 MTL: The UCET position.

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1 UCET conference Birmingham November 2008 MTL: The UCET position

2 Benefits of Masters study (1)..participation in the PPD programme has directly improved teachers professional knowledge, skills and understanding. Consequently, these teachers have been empowered and enabled to improve pupils learning experiences and attainment. Many have also influenced provision across the whole school and beyond.

3 Benefits of Masters study (2) Improves retention, commitment, self- confidence and innovation and Leads to significant improvements in school (e.g. in regards pupil work, quality of teaching, pupil assessment, strategy implementation and curriculum planning).

4 What will MTL involve? HEI-school partnerships (maybe consortia). In school with school- based coaches. Four main areas: (i) teaching & learning (personalisation, assessment for learning & the use of performance data for pupil tracking); (ii) subject knowledge for teaching (curriculum & curriculum development, literacy, numeracy, 14-19 & ICT); (iii) how young people develop & learn, behaviour management, inclusion, leadership & management; and (iv) working with others in and beyond the classroom. Mapping of national teaching standards to QAA criteria (research?) Writing group proposals currently out for consultation. Open to NQTs in NW and to NQTs and HODs in National Challenge schools from September 2009. Further roll-out in September 2010 (national? All teachers?); Five years to complete

5 UCET concerns Recognised by all as real Masters QAA consistency (research & enquiry skills?) PPD interface (lessons and transition) Prescription of content (4 learning outcomes?) Delivery prescription (ring-fence for schools?) Selection of students and entitlement? Impact on other programmes

6 Conclusion Yes, but (no, but?)

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