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1 olympic

2 content History of the Olympic Games Olympic Games Classification
Important rituals in Olympic Sports in Olympic Host cities of Olympic Games

3 History of the olympic game
The first olympic was held in 776 BCE It was abolished in 390 CE Pierre de Coubertin proposed new Olympic Games in 1896 First edition of modern Olympic Games The Games were staged every four year Pierre de Coubertin

4 Olympic games classification
Winter Olympic Summer Olympic The two-year period between Games

5 Important rituals in Olympic
Olympic torch relay Olympic oath Medal ceremony

6 Symbol of olympic Five interlocking rings, on white background
In 1913, the flag was designed In 1914, it was first used at Olympic Paris First, stands for those colors on national flags of the world at that time Second, five parts of the world Third, stands for passion, faith, victory, work ethic and sportsmanship

7 Sports in olympic Summer sports Winter sports Skating Archery Skiing
Ice hockey Archery Basketball Boxing Canoeing Cycling Soccer Shooting Rowing Judo Tennis Gymnastics ………. Bobsledding Luge Tobogganing Biathlon (skiing-shooting)

8 Host cities of olympic games
Athens Paris Saint Louis London Stockholm Cancelled (was due in Berlin) Antwerp (Belgium) Paris Amsterdam Los Angeles Berlin Cancelled (was due in Tokyo) Cancelled (was due in Helsinki) London  2012 Helsinki Melbourne Rome Tokyo Mexico City Munich Montreal Moscow Los Angeles Seoul Barcelona Atlanta Sydney Athens Beijing London

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