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Community and Family Studies HSC Enrichment Day 2011 Exam Technique.

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1 Community and Family Studies HSC Enrichment Day 2011 Exam Technique

2 Activity One What do you already know? For ONE group you have studied, describe the equity issues faced and propose management strategies to address these issues. (8 marks)

3 Exam Structure Section I : Core 1, Core 2, Core 3 Part A - 20 marks Questions – 20 Multiple choice questions Answer on separate multiple choice answer sheet. Part B - 55 marks Questions – Short answer questions Answer on lines provided. Section II: Options - 25 marks Questions - One short answer and one extended response question for each option ONLY answer the questions for the option you have studied Answer in a separate writing booklet

4 Time Allocation Activity Two Time Allocation Exam length is 3 hours (180 minutes) PLUS 5 minutes reading time BOS recommends the following time breakdown on the front page of the exam paper Section I: Part A: 35 minutes - Multiple choice Part B: 1 hour and 40 minutes - Short answer Section II: Option 1: 45 minutes - Short answer and extended response

5 Things to Ponder Activity Three Things to Ponder What will you read in the reading time? What section will you start first? What will you do if you draw a blank on a question ?

6 ‘Quick Tricks’ Activity Four ‘Quick Tricks’ Define ONE specific needs group within the community, and explain how location affects their access to resources. (4 marks) What to include in a response  Name group and write definition (show knowledge of legal and /or social definitions)  Show knowledge of resources the group would access to satisfy their needs  Show how location affects the group’s access to resources  Use an example

7 ‘Practicing the Quick Tricks’ Activity Five ‘Practicing the Quick Tricks’ 1.Read the question 2.Identify the marks allocated 3.Circle the HSC word/s so you know HOW to answer the question 4.Underline the syllabus points so you know WHAT the question is asking you about 5.Read the question again for key hints 6.Use acronyms to remember key concepts

8 Point Elaborate Example Link Framework Framework for writing a logical and clear response to short answer questions

9 Notes from the HSC Marking Center Qualities of a Band 5/6 response: Provides two or more relevant equity issues Proposes a range of new and existing management strategies and clearly demonstrates how they address each equity issue. Uses appropriate terminology and supports discussion with relevant examples. Explains how the strategies enhance wellbeing.

10 Review Time Activity Six Review Time KEEP CHANGE ADD DIFFERENT

11 The HSC Marking Process Marking guidelines. Pilot marking/real marking. Double marking. Discrepancies. Positive marking.

12 Support Networks  Teacher/tutor  HSC Advice line 13 11 12  Stuvac study groups  Textbook/study guides/past papers  BOS site – coping with stress  HSC online CAFS forum – Term 3  BOS sample answers

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