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What makes a good interactive resume? Click for detailed information Multimedia Navigation Communication.

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1 What makes a good interactive resume? Click for detailed information Multimedia Navigation Communication

2 The function of navigation is to navigate between different sections in a resume Click for detailed information From Point A to Point B Links

3 Click for Experience Click for Educational &Accomplishment

4 Links means the connections to another locations Click the button on the right to download OpenSim 3D Link Click Example

5 Communication How can I use my interactive resume to communicate with others? An important part of any interactive resume is your contact information. There are several ways you can increase interaction with other people from your interactive resume. Listing your contact information Creating a contact form Public Forum The obvious thing you could do is list your contact information outright in plain site for everyone to see. A contact form does a really good job of protecting your contact info while giving people as easy way to contact you. A public forum is another highly visible to display two way conversations with multiple people. It can be used to many different applications. Click the buttons to find out more about these different options. Visible List Visible List Contact Form Public Forum

6 Communication Listing your contact information Adding your contact information in plain sight might seem like the obvious choice but here are some things to consider before you make that decision: Do you what to potentially share your email address or other personal contact information with the whole world? Be aware that there are spam bots that search web pages for email addresses and have the ability to harvest, use, or sell your information to others. Communication

7 Contact Forms A contact form is basically a form for people to fill out that wish to contact you. They enter their contact information into the form and send the message your email without ever knowing any of your contact information. Click here for an example of a contact form Communication

8 Public Forum By adding a some sort of public forum to your interactive resume allows you to have two way communication visible for everyone to see. This can be helpful for in many different ways but might not be appropriate for everybody. Think about some of the reasons about why or why not you would want to display this communication. It would probably make sense to have some sort of control over what people post to your forum. Displaying negative or inappropriate content would probably not be wise. Most public forms have setting that you the administrator can preview postings before they actually appear on the site. Click here for an example of a public forum Communication

9 Let’s apply some of what we have learned about communicating with an interactive resume. 1. What communication tool would you use for visible two way communication? 2. Using which tool would be a good way to communicate without sharing your contact information? 3. True of False: It always a good idea to have your contact information easily visible for everyone to see? Visible List Contact Forum Public Forum Visible List Contact Forum Public Forum TRUE FALSE That’s correct! Oops, try again. Communication

10 How Can Multimedia Help My resume? One of the advantages of an interactive resume is the ability to include multimedia. To modify a common saying: “Multimedia says a thousand words” Tell me how multimedia can be advantageous? (Click here) Multimedia can bridge the gap between saying and showing. It is one thing to claim you can compose beautiful pictures, code webpages, edit video, or design houses but what if you could link your words with examples? Then you would be able to engage your audience and support your claims. Interested? Go to the next page for more information Interested? Go to the next page for more information Interested? Go to the next page for more information Interested? Go to the next page for more information

11 Overview However, we will go over some major multimedia options you might consider using to make your resume interactive. As you review the options for multimedia, think of how you could apply them in your resume for your specific job application. (Click icon to continue) Q: What would be appropriate multimedia to use in my resume? A: This question does not have an easy answer, because it depends on the type of job.

12 Multimedia Video Photo Animation Audio Click on one of the boxes below for more information. Multimedia Menu

13 Photos What makes photos in a resume advantageous? Easy to use Quick to put together Embeddable in many types of documents Most frequently used in portfolios Challenges behind using photos in a resume? Large images will cause your resume to be too large to email Debatable whether you should send a picture of yourself Too few of images might not demonstrate your full skills Example Multimedia


15 Videos What makes videos in a resume advantageous? Provides one file that can include a variety of information (pictures, music, talking points etc.) Ability to upload to video sites (like YouTube for quick referencing and easy access) More captivating than other types of media Ability to email a link or embed in a PowerPoint Challenges behind using videos in a resume? Videos can take a lot of time to edit Will need an easy link or a USB if handing in a paper resume Videos can be large unless they are compressed Too long of a video could be intimidating to the reviewer Making a concise, informative, and engaging video is challenging Video Example Multimedia

16 Audio What makes audio in a resume advantageous? If you were a musician or vocalist, audio is critical Allowing the reviewer to access further demonstrations of your skills might make the difference in being hired Linkable, embeddable, and emailable Challenges behind using audio in a resume? Not as engaging as other media Making sure the use of audio is appropriate Might need to deliver a CD, USB, or an easy to access website to ensure the resume reviewer can access it Click icon for audio example Multimedia

17 Animation What makes animation in a resume advantageous? The ability to tell a story using animation Easy to engage your audience Stand out with cutting edge technology Provide an interactive opportunity by allowing users to click around and interface with the animation Challenges behind using animation in a resume? Making sure the animation will be accessible (i.e. will mobile devices be able to view the animation if its Flash)? Time consuming Difficult to link and embed (compared embedding a photo, or linking a video) Example Multimedia

18 Congratulations! You have finished! Thank you! Titansquad

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