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College Admission and Sports Eligibility

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1 College Admission and Sports Eligibility
Rancho Cotate High School

2 AGPA Colleges only look at your academic GPA
Your AGPA is your GPA from you’re A-G courses Most will look at your weighted GPA You can control your GPA!!! Keep your grades up!

3 UC/CSU Requirements A-G requirements: Must pass with a C or better (but a 2.0 will likely not get you accepted!) 4 years English 3 years Math (4 years recommended for UC/CSU) 3 years history 2 years science (1 physical, 1 biological) (3 years recommended) 2 years foreign language (3 years recommended) 1 year Visual or Performing Art Academic electives – 10 units (recommended additional years are included here)

4 CSU Eligibility Index Formula
Students with an AGPA of 3.0 and have taken either the SAT or ACT, are eligible but admission is not guaranteed CSU minimum eligibility formula: AGPA x SAT (Reading and Math) = 2900 AGPA x (10 x ACT Comp) = 694

5 NCAA vs. NAIA NCAA NAIA 1200 Participating Schools
3 Divisions 2 Divisions 23 Sports 13 Sports Scholarships for Divisions I and II 126,000 student athletes 60,000 student athletes Reference:

6 NCAA Requirements for practicing, playing and getting a scholarship to a Division I or II college or university: Graduate from high school Complete 16 core courses with a “D” or higher Meet the required grade point average (GPA) Present a qualifying test score on either the ACT or SAT Complete the amateurism questionnaire and request final amateurism certification

7 NCAA 16 Core Courses Years Subject 4 English 3 Math (Alg. 1 or higher)
2 Science (Natural/Physical, 1 Year Lab) 1 Additional Course (English/Math/Science) Social Studies (World History, US History) Additional Academic Courses (listed above & World Language)

8 NCAA To Check Approved Courses Go to
Enter as a college bound athlete Click on the “Resources” link at the top Click “US Student” with the pop-up Go to “Are You On Track?” and select “List of NCAA Courses”

9 NCAA If a course you took is not on the list, then it will not be used in your eligibility determination Courses that appear on your transcript must match exactly what is on the list NCAA Core courses are not always the same as a-g

10 NCAA FRESHMAN & SOPHOMORE YEARS: Take core and “a-g” classes
GET GOOD GRADES EVERY YEAR!!! Pass the CAHSEE (10th Grade) Sign-up to take the PSAT (10th Grade)

11 NCAA JUNIOR YEAR: Students should register with the eligibility center their junior year in high school at Take NCAA core and “a-g” approved courses Juniors should sign-up for the PSAT in October Junior Athletes who are NCAA registered NEED TO HAVE A OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT SENT TO NCAA at the end of your JUNIOR year. NCAA must receive this transcript before the start of your senior year if you want to be reviewed for eligibility. Official transcripts must be requested and sent to the Eligibility Center for EVERY HIGH SCHOOL that was attended Juniors MUST TAKE the SAT/ACT in the spring and SHOULD HAVE their scores forwarded to the Eligibility Center directly by using code “9999” when registering

12 NCAA SENIOR YEAR: Take NCAA core and “a-g” courses GET GOOD GRADES!!!
Take the ACT and/or SAT again, if necessary Request final amateurism certification on or after April 1st from the Eligibility Center Graduate on time (8 semesters) After graduation, have Rancho send final transcripts to the Eligibility Center with proof of graduation

13 NCAA RECRUITING RULES Each sport has a set rules and you must learn them. Freshman & Sophomore year you are allowed unofficial visits, up to three complimentary tickets to a sporting event and may only talk to a coach on his/her campus After September 1st of your junior year, you may receive literature After July 1st at the end of your junior year, a coach may contact you, but only off of his/her campus and he/she is allowed one phone call per week to you Senior Year: 5 official visits (1 per campus, 2 days max.)

NCAA CHANGES COMING FOR THE CLASS OF 2015 10 of the 16 core courses must be completed prior to the start of the senior year 7 of the 10 must be from English, Math, Science Sliding scale to practice and receive a scholarship during the first year stays the same, but the sliding scale to compete increases significantly

15 CHANGES COMING FOR THE CLASS OF 2015 Sliding Scale Examples
NCAA CHANGES COMING FOR THE CLASS OF 2015 Sliding Scale Examples GPA MINIMUM SAT MINIMUM ACT 3.5 600 50 3.0 800 66 2.5 1000 85 2.3 1080 93 Below 2.3 Ineligible

NCAA CHANGES COMING FOR THE CLASS OF 2015 FULL QUALIFIER: A college-bound scholar may receive a scholarship, practice and compete in the first year of enrollment at the Division I college or university. Complete 16 core courses Have a minimum core-course GPA of 2.300 Meet sliding scale requirement of GPA and ACT/SAT score Graduate from High School on time

NCAA CHANGES COMING FOR THE CLASS OF 2015 RED SHIRT: College-bound scholar may receive a scholarship and may practice during the first regular academic term, but may NOT compete in the first year of enrollment. Complete 16 core courses Have a minimum core-course GPA of 2.000 Meet academic redshirt sliding scale for GPA and ACT/SAT Graduate from High School on time

NAIA ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Must meet two of three Test Score GPA Class Rank Achieve a minimum of 18 on the ACT or 860 on the SAT Achieve a minimum overall high school GPA of 2.0 Graduate in the top half of the high school class

19 NAIA JUNIOR YEAR: You must register at:
$65 Fee, but can be waived with a Fee Waiver if applicable. When registering for the ACT/SAT include sending your scores to the NAIA by using code “9876” Early Decision Completed Junior Year Will enroll in an NAIA institution after high school Have at least a 3.0 GPA Have at least an 860 SAT or 18 ACT Send in your transcript.

20 Community College Junior Colleges in California do not give athletic scholarships Most JCs in other states give athletic scholarships and many have dorms.

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