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English Language Arts Level 8 Lesson 60 Mrs. Morrisey.

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1 English Language Arts Level 8 Lesson 60 Mrs. Morrisey

2 Grammar Grabber The main ingredients in this cake are eggs flower and milk.

3 Grammar Grabber The main ingredients in this cake are eggs, flour, and milk.

4 Quickwrite: (5 min.) In your own words, define radio drama and subplot.


6 Quickwrite: (5 min.) In your own words, define radio drama and subplot.

7 Lesson Objectives Final Review

8 What Have We Been Taught So Far? Types of Writing Research Paper Writing Radio Drama Autobiography Subplots

9 Types of Writing Narrative Expository Persuasive Descriptive

10 Narrative Writing (writing that tells a story) Use for: Personal essays Fictional stories Plot summaries Plays

11 Expository Writing (factual writing) Used for: Newspaper Research Projects Informational texts

12 Persuasive Writing Expresses an opinion & attempts to convince reader to also believe in this opinion Use for: Essays Editorials Book Reviews Debates

13 Descriptive Writing Creates a vivid picture of an idea, place, person or event Use for: Fiction Poetry Personal experiences

14 The Research Paper

15 What is a Research Paper? (a written analysis of the information collected about a particular subject) What is the Process? Pre-Writing Drafting Revising Editing

16 Pre-Writing Preparatory work for a piece of writing Components Topic Selection Topic Revision Source Review Notetaking Thesis Statement Outline

17 Drafting Writing Components Introduction Writing Body Writing Conclusion Writing

18 Revising Altering what's written in order to improve or make changes Components Revising the draft Revising the documentation


20 Editing To revise or correct Components Edit final draft Proofread final draft Create final draft

21 Radio Drama

22 What is Radio Drama? (a dramatized, purely acoustic performance broadcast in audio media) More about Radio Drama? No Visual Component Dependent upon narration, dialogue, music and sound effects Listener imagines the story

23 1880s French engineer requested patent 1920s English radio drama begins in US 1930s radio drama popular in US and other countries Mysteries, thrillers, soap operas, and comedies 1950s-60s radio drama lost popularity w/ advent of television Radio Drama History

24 Narration (the process of telling a story or describing what happens)

25 Dialogue (conversation, talking between two or more people) Gives Information Characterization Builds Suspense Sets Tempo

26 Music (enhances performance through creation of dramatic mood)

27 Sound Effects (artificially created sounds to enhance content of a drama or film)

28 Autobiography

29 What is an autobiography? (a person's account of his or her own life or part of it) Components of an Autobiography? Life Description Meaning of Life Vision of the Future Conclusion

30 Life Description Overview of Main Events in life Chronological Order Events connected to overall Theme(s)

31 Meaning of Life Explains what life is to YOU Who YOU are where life is/has taken YOU Impact others have on YOUR life

32 Vision of the Future Personal predictions of upcoming years Where YOUR life is going Vague or Full of Details

33 Conclusion Summary of matters discussed Reflects on the purpose Positive ending


35 What are subplots? (stories within a main story; mini plot) Benefits in using Subplots Enhances the plot Adds layers & complexity Creates suspense Propels the story forwards Strengthens characterization

36 Enhances the Plot Subplots add a flavor that makes the plot better

37 Adds Layers & Complexity Layers and complexity enrich the story and keep the plot from growing dull

38 Creates Suspense Subplots help to build suspense in a story. Suspense is what keeps the reader reading.

39 Propels the Story Forward Subplots generate reader interest and push the plot forward PLOT SUBPLOT

40 Strengthens Characterization Subplots support the plot in character development

41 Final Assessment Layout 10Types of Writing 10The Research Paper 10Radio Drama 10Autobiography 10Subplots Each question worth 2pts

42 Review notes. Reread stories. Complete Final Assessment. The Hitchhiker Mrs. Flowers Camp Harmony Broken Chain


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