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Nonfiction is a factual account of a person, place, or event

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1 Nonfiction is a factual account of a person, place, or event

2 Elements of Nonfiction
Tone – the writer’s attitude toward his or her audience and subject. It can often be described by a single adjective – playful, friendly, cold Think of the ring you assigned for your parents on your cell phone– based off of the song, how would you describe the tone in one word?

3 Organization All non-fiction work consist of one or more main ideas presented with supporting details. It can be presented in a variety of ways Chronological Compare and Contrast Cause and Effect Problem and solution

4 Voice A writer’s distinctive way of speaking in his or her writing. Voice can be based on word choice, tone, sound devices, pace, and grammatical structure.

5 Types of Nonfiction Biographies/Autobiographies – tell life stories
Memoirs, diaries, and journals – contains personal thoughts and reflections about events in life Speeches – written works delivered orally to an audience

6 Types continued Letters – written forms of communication
Essays- short non-fiction work about a particular subject Persuasive – to convince Expository – present facts Narrative – tell a story Reflective – writer’s thoughts

7 Types Continued Blogs – journal posts on-line
Procedural Text – directions, schedules, or recipes

8 Purpose of Nonfiction To Persuade – Speeches and Editorials are written to convince an audience of a certain idea or opinion To Inform – Articles, reference books, historical essays, and research papers gives facts and information To Entertain – Biographies, autobiographies, and travel narratives are often written for the enjoyment of the audience

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