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Assessing The Development Needs of the Statistical System NSDS Workshop, Trinidad and Tobago, July 27-29, 2009 Presented by Barbados.

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1 Assessing The Development Needs of the Statistical System NSDS Workshop, Trinidad and Tobago, July 27-29, 2009 Presented by Barbados

2 Content Background Rationale for Assessment of Needs Method of Assessing the Status of NSO and Statistical Agencies Identifying Development Needs Conclusion

3 Background Reform of system arose from the recognition that, inter alia, there was: – A need to strengthen the statistical system to provide comprehensive statistics required for development policies – Data collected and compiled by the NSO and other agencies should be widely accessible to government to meet the results-based development agenda and Data should also be available to all other users of statistics

4 Background cont’d – More efficient use should be made of resources – Need to improve the coordination of the system – Need for an improvement in the quality and timeliness of the production of statistics – Need to raise the public image/profile of statistics and to establish the leadership of the NSO in the area of Statistics within the Public Sector

5 Rationale for Assessment of Needs Information obtained through assessments assists in developing the vision and identifying strategic options Strategies for development of the NSS – should be consultative and inclusive – address institutional and organisational constraints and processes – build on what exists – respond to user needs – provide a a coherent framework for statistical development and statistics programmes across the NSS

6 Method of Assessment Assessments include: – Collecting and analyzing existing documentation; – Identifying user satisfaction; current and future needs for statistics – Identifying existing data gaps;

7 Method of Assessment cont’d – Assessing each key statistical output against agreed quality criteria – Assessing methodologies and the quality of statistics – Taking stock of existing capacity

8 Method of Assessment cont’d Reviewing the legal and institutional framework Assessing organizational factors using tools such as SWOT Analysis Use of statistical building indicators as indicated by PARIS21, the GDDS guide, the IMF DQAF are also recommended

9 Method of Assessment cont’d Involvement of Development Partner – Consultancy provided for assessment – Carried out through: Consultation Visits to agencies Interviews Review of documentation

10 Identifying Development Needs On the basis of the assessments, the following needs were identified : – Need for a new or revised Legal Framework – Need to develop a Statistics Network – Need for Institutional Reengineering

11 Identifying Development Needs cont’d Need for the Enhancement of Statistical Products Need to develop and enhance Human Capacity Need to develop and enhance Technical Infrastructure & facilitate Public Outreach

12 Legal Framework – To strengthen the BSS to perform its duties more effectively – To strengthen the technical & administrative autonomy of the BSS – To broaden the institutional setting to include other statistics producing units of agencies and ministries, while asserting BSS’ role as leader of a wider statistical system

13 Legal Framework Cont’d – To enhance the internal and external accountability of the BSS & other statistics producing units in agencies and ministries. – To update penalties to better allow for compliance by both those agencies responsible for collecting information & those agents or agencies expected to provide information

14 Legal Framework Cont’d – To clarify the scope of data protection – To increase awareness that the BSS is responsible for making information more accessible to users

15 Statistics Network To provide assistance to create a network of agencies involved in statistics production – To improve cooperation – To coordinate the national statistics programme Set priorities for statistical products

16 Statistics Network Cont’d To ensure that standardized/harmonised concepts, definitions, procedures & working methodologies are used by all agencies To establish clear & formal communication channels between agencies and the BSS

17 Institutional Reengineering – Options for reform of the managerial & administrative performance of the BSS will be considered – The IDB Project will support implementation of the selected option

18 Enhancement of Statistical Products To improve the technical capacity of the BSS and other agencies to collect, process and disseminate data. To improve the production and dissemination of key Social and Economic Statistics

19 Human Capacity The creation and implementation of an HR Management System & any necessary regulatory reforms will be carried out To provide to the BSS and other agencies: on-the-job technical training 8 Masters degree scholarships

20 Technical Infrastructure & Public Outreach To upgrade the information technology of the BSS and relevant agencies – Upgrade of hardware & software – Intranet & networking with agencies which provide data to the BSS To facilitate dissemination of statistics to the public – Enhancement of the BSS Website

21 Conclusion Assessing development needs of the statistical system requires: – the commitment of Government at the highest level – the participation and cooperation of the NSO and all relevant agencies – The results of the assessment assists in the development of the vision for the NSS – Enables the setting of priorities and strategies to be used for development and improvement of the NSS

22 Thank You

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