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Common Timetabling Platform Project Update January 2009.

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1 Common Timetabling Platform Project Update January 2009

2 Agenda Project update Process overview Coming up next Questions and answers

3 Project Update 2008/09 Pilot departments using full student timetabling on Enterprise Others timetabling with staff and student sets Staff online and Calendar timetables by end 2009 Since our last meeting: Most unit and programme information received and is now being checked and analysed Working with pilot departments and current S+ users to get their information into the system Building the training database and preparing to train pilot departments in February

4 Processes Sub-Group Purpose: To create a recommended best practice for timetabling with Enterprise Timetabler Group has representation from each faculty Currently drafts are being reviewed by the Standards Team

5 Room Booking Central Request of rooms -Request of central rooms after 6pm or weekends Central Room timetabling -Creating a new accessibility suitability Faculty of Arts/ SSL local room request Addition of new room General Timetabling Departmental Timetabling -Adding a new module Changing a students choice QA of timetables Timetabling Erasmus Students* Roll Over ESU reconciliation after the start of term* Year 1 Processes Entering details for the planned year Changing planned 1 st year information to actuals Staff Appointment of staff Using dummy members of staff Processes for Review



8 What will you need to do? January/February – follow up on staff availability information March/April – 2-day training course for all timetablers May – Central room requests via the system June onwards – timetabling using the system Autumn – staff timetables available online

9 Any questions? (and answers)

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