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How do we make students more employable? Paul Chin LTSU Senior Advisor for Employability.

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1 How do we make students more employable? Paul Chin LTSU Senior Advisor for Employability

2 Aim of session To raise the importance of employability and encourage you to consider how you promote employability skills within your curriculum.

3 Session overview Background to employability Importance of promoting employability Debunking myths Resources for supporting students Example of employability resource Discussion

4 The employability agenda Benchmark statements Increased expectations for publication of employability related data Tuition fees (value for money?) Graduates for the 21 st Century

5 Importance of promoting employability Ensuring the University can blossom in changing times Celebrating our success with prospective students/employers Promoting the strengths of the curriculum Supporting students in developing and evidencing their skills Helping students maximise their potential/opportunities during their course

6 Debunking myths Myth 1: Including more employability-related activities in the curriculum will displace core discipline teaching and learning Myth 2: Even if I wanted to promote employability in my teaching Im not a careers expert

7 Resources/support for employability Careers centre – including Careers management skills module Centre for Lifelong Learning – wide variety of courses Study advice service – various skills support, advice and resources UK Physical Sciences Centre employability resource Third party resources

8 Employability resource at Hull The structured sections of the resource : Starting out What are employers looking for? Developing skillsWhat skills do I need to develop? Achieving results How can I sell myself? Being professional How will I act in a professional environment? Finding information How can the careers service support me?

9 eBridge employability resource Range of activities designed to develop and evidence student employability skills Can be used collectively or as individual activities Opportunities for reflection or summative assessment Different formats available: paper, Blackboard, WebCT and now eBridge introductory workshop sessions with students available upon request

10 Discussion... How does your department currently support students in developing and evidencing their employability skills? Does your department engage in any innovative practice(s) to promote employability? Are there any ways the University can help in making our students more employable?

11 Summary – making our students more employable Employability is an important issue for the University Students will benefit and maximise their opportunities at Hull Staff – curriculum or workloads will not be adversely affected Resources already exist to support employability related activities Overall, our students will have a better University experience and become more employable...

12 Links Hull employability statement on Unistats website ntPage=Continuation ntPage=Continuation Benchmark statements at QAA The Coalition: our programme for government May 2010 HEFCE employability statements information:

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