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Learning Outcomes in quality enhancement

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1 Learning Outcomes in quality enhancement
Presenters Dr David Bottomley QAA Scotland Dr Alan Davidson The Robert Gordon University, and Bologna Expert Overview Scottish Quality Enhancement Themes initiative Theme: Research-Teaching linkages Example of an approach to promoting and supporting enhancement: national, institutional and discipline levels focuses on learning outcomes, graduate attributes

2 National policy context
Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework Aligned to EHEA three cycles Outcomes based, includes Level Descriptors -indicative generic learning outcomes for each level of study Scottish Quality Enhancement Framework (QEF) Subject level reviews within universities Enhancement-Led Institutional Review (ELIR) Public information about quality Greater voice for students Quality Enhancement Themes

3 Scottish Quality Enhancement Themes
What they are National initiative Development support for enhancement in universities Topics proposed by universities Activities include: workshops, information resources, projects, consultancy, conferences International perspective Topics Assessment Responding to student needs Employability Flexible learning Integrative Assessment The First Year Research-Teaching linkages: enhancing graduate attributes associated with research

4 QE Theme Research-Teaching Linkages
Focus on Learning Outcomes graduate attributes associated with research 2 strands of work: Institution Discipline (subject)

5 Graduate attributes associated with research At Undergraduate Level (1st cycle)
Critical understanding informed by current developments in the subject An awareness of the provisional nature of knowledge, how knowledge is created, advanced and renewed, and the excitement of changing knowledge The ability to identify and analyse problems and issues and to formulate, evaluate and apply evidence based solutions and arguments An ability to apply a systematic and critical assessment of complex problems and issues An ability to deploy techniques of analysis and enquiry Familiarity with advanced techniques and skills Originality and creativity in formulating, evaluating and applying evidence-based solutions and arguments An understanding of the need for a high level of ethical, social, cultural, environmental and wider professional conduct.

6 Graduate attributes associated with research At Master’s Level, (2nd cycle)
Conceptual understanding that enables critical evaluation of current research and advanced scholarship Originality in the application of knowledge The ability to deal with complex issues and make sound judgments in the absence of complete data.

7 Institutional strand Levels Institution Faculty / department
Course / curriculum Frameworks, polices and programmes to: Link research and teaching activities To develop graduate attributes

8 Discipline strand: 9 discipline groups and projects
Physical sciences Information and Mathematical Sciences Arts and Social Sciences Health and Social Care Business and Management Life Sciences Creative and Cultural Practice Medicine, Dentistry & Veterinary Medicine Engineering & Built Environment 9 Projects, based in 9 universities Identify, share, build on good practice Linking research to teaching in the discipline To enhance graduate achievement

9 Effective practice & lesssons learned
Thematic ways of working have evolved FROM events and reports TO project-based working with institutions and groups of academic staff (+ dissemination events and reports) Focus on learning outcomes –is powerful Student-centred Makes thematic work more meaningful and relevant Focus for alignment and linking: policies, curricula, teaching activities, research activities

10 Questions For clarification For discussion What parts of this Scottish approach could be adopted for your country? How could Scotland enhance its approach based on your country’s approach to similar work? How might we collaborate within Europe on this type of quality enhancement activity? What are the enablers and barriers?

11 References Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework Scottish Quality Enhancement Framework QE Themes QE Theme: Research-Teaching Linkages

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