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Caption Writing An Introduction.

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1 Caption Writing An Introduction

2 Three Parts to a Caption
Lead-In Sentence One Sentence Two

3 Part One – The Lead-In Capture the reader’s attention
Identify which photo the caption relates to One-two words, or a short phrase Serves as a mini-headline Set off with larger font or a different typeface Be consistent!!

4 Sentence One Written in present tense
Identifies and describes the content (who, what, where, when) GO BEYOND THE OBVIOUS!! Focus on little-known details Answer the readers questions Use specific names, visual nouns and action verbs Try to avoid starting with names

5 Sentence Two Written in past tense
Presents after-the-facts information Focuses on the why and how Gives readers answers to their questions

6 Optional Add a direct quote as sentence two
For sports, add the outcome of the game, or the significance of the play

7 Exceptions Team Pictures: Use First Row, Second Row, etc.
List first and last names - Locate a roster so names are correct - Not sure who someone is, ask some who would know

8 Exceptions Group pictures: a group is counted as six or more people
Organization pictures: follow the same guidelines for team pictures

9 Checklist Don’t start with names Avoid opinions Keep things consistent
Don’t state the obvious Use first and last names Mark rows if necessary Avoid made-up information Avoid opinions Keep things consistent Use the right tense Answer all questions about the photo content

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