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JOURNALISM 4-22/23-15. JOURNAL Free write Write for 5 minutes!

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1 JOURNALISM 4-22/23-15

2 JOURNAL Free write Write for 5 minutes!

3 CURRENT EVENTS Headline/Topic Interesting Fact Publication Info Your Reaction

4 FINISH UP Finish your photography assignment from last class period. You need to find pictures that incorporate at least one of the elements and principles we discussed. You will need to find pictures for all elements and principles.

5 PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT You will be responsible for capturing the following photos and then creating a photography portfolio. You will be responsible for their own cameras/phone cameras and developing (if you want). You will need to capture the following: an inanimate object, a group of three or more people, subjects from a crowd of people, a sporting event, a child a and/or a senior citizen, a landscape, You will need at least 3 photos that tell a story.

6 FURTHER EXPLANATION This project will be due by 4-28/29 The pictures should make use of good perspective and lighting and utilizing the rule of thirds, and other elements and principles we discussed. After competition of the photos, you will edit the photos (again based in the elements and principles) in order to create your portfolio. This will be accompanied with a written explanation.

7 YOUR TURN Choose one photo (one you find interesting, something that could be found as part of a news story or yearbook). Cut it out, tape/paste it to a white sheet of paper Write 3 different captions.

8 ANALYZE Trade with someone on not at your table. Trade again with someone on the other side of the room. Examine the photo and read all the captions. Put a star next to the caption you like best and write why. Trade again (with someone not at your table) Examine the photo and captions. Star the one you like best and explain why. One more time. :) Return

9 WHAT MAKES A GOOD CAPTION? Discuss as a whole class (I will be calling on you to share) the explanations of why a caption was chosen as the best.

10 WHAT REALLY MAKES A GOOD CAPTION? Avoid stating the obvious. (“Looking into the camera…”) Identify all people in the picture who are seen clearly. be sure to follow a pattern in doing the IDs, and tell your reader the pattern (“left to right”, etc.) Don’t start a caption with a person’s name or the name of the school. Try not to start every caption in the same way. Be creative! Use a prepositional phrase (“During the state soccer tournament”) and -ing words (“Kicking in for the last few yards”), or other techniques. Don’t overuse any one technique! For stand-alone feature photos, compose a headline to go with the caption. Give the reader a lot of information in the caption. Use two or three sentences, if possible. Using quotes in a caption adds a personal voice. Be sure photographers are trained to get IDs and additional information as they take the pictures. Caption writing is so much easier this way! Always include a photo credit. (“Photo by…”)

11 PRACTICE Practice caption writing! Complete the handout and turn it into the tray.

12 LET'S GET STARTED We will make a short trip around the school in order to get a jump start on your pictures.

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