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Quality and Standards Framework – Collaborative Provision December 2008 Janet Pearce, University Quality Officer.

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1 Quality and Standards Framework – Collaborative Provision December 2008 Janet Pearce, University Quality Officer

2 Objectives Gain an understanding of: >Universitys quality and standards framework as it applies to collaborative provision >How the framework reflects external expectations >The underpinning values >How to access relevant parts of the framework >Roles and responsibilities

3 Terminology QAA Definitions : > Academic standards are a way of describing the level of achievement that a student has to reach to gain an academic award (for example, a degree). It should be at a similar level across the UK. >Standards are absolute

4 Terminology Academic quality is a way of describing how well the learning opportunities available to students help them to achieve their award. It is about making sure that appropriate and effective teaching, support, assessment and learning opportunities are provided for them. Learning opportunities' is taken to mean the combined effect of the programmes of study and academic and personal support for students

5 Terminology Quality can be : >Assured – evidencing/making transparent (public confidence) >Enhanced UoH definition of enhancement: >Taking deliberate steps to improve our systems and processes designed to manage academic quality and standards

6 Key elements of the framework Regulations >University programmes regulations (governing award of credit and progression to the award) >Unfair means >Complaints by students Codes of practice >Programme approvals >Monitoring and Review >Assessment Procedures >The Collaborative Provision handbook

7 Communication of changes >Relevant committee >Quality and Standards Update >Staff development >UQO website

8 Approach to CP The Universitys approach to collaborative provision: >A single framework modified appropriately >Definition: programmes/modules delivered in whole or in part by a partner institution >validated, franchised … >direct and indirect funding

9 Responsibilities for Q&S(1) The awarding institution is responsible for the academic standards of all awards granted in its name (QAA Code, Section 2, A1) Collaborative arrangements should be negotiated, agreed and managed in accordance with the formally stated policies and procedures of the awarding institution (A3)

10 Responsibilities (2) The awarding institution is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the quality of the learning opportunities offered through a collaborative arrangement is adequate to enable to a student to achieve the academic standard required for its award (A12) Q&S are the responsibility of all academic and related support staff – UoH and PI

11 Responsibilities (3) Partner Institutions >Nominate lead academic contact >Identify admin support staff >Liaise with relevant UoH faculty >Internal HE management structure

12 Responsibilities (4) >Faculty ­Faculty Academic Contact and CP Administrator ­Oversight across cognate disciplines >University-level ­Management of partnerships (approval, review, termination), Quality Audits and legal agreements ­QSC – the Q&S framework ­CPC – oversight of implementation of framework

13 Securing Standards – Assuring Quality Maintaining academic standards >programme design and approval >learning, teaching and assessment >external examiners >analysis of progression and completion statistics >feedback to students on assessment >accredited prior learning >professional accreditation

14 Securing Standards – Assuring Quality Enhancement – founded on robust QA processes >Programme approvals >Annual monitoring >Periodic review

15 Securing Standards – Assuring Quality Inputs >feedback from students, employers and graduates >providing feedback to students on assessment >admissions and induction >placement learning >the analysis of quantitative data >external reviews >professional accreditation >complaints and appeals

16 Securing Standards – Assuring Quality Institutional oversight >Collaborative Provision Committee >Educational Partnerships Committee >Joint Development Boards

17 Securing Standards – Assuring Quality A Risk Based Approach >Risk to – ­Academic Standards ­Quality of learning experience ­University reputation >Financial risk

18 Enhancing the framework Themes 2008-2011 >Student participation >Diversity of the student experience >Approval, monitoring and review >Employer/stakeholder engagement >Sharing good practice

19 Values We value >People, by development and reward >Inclusivity, through equity and diversity >Innovation, through learning and diversity >Partnerships, by cooperation and mutuality We will be: >Consultative >Responsive >Reflective >Rigorous

20 Principles Our management of quality and standards is underpinned by our commitment to a quality and standards framework which is: >clear and accessible >increasingly based on a variation of touch reflecting a risk based approach >streamlined >applied consistently and transparently And which - >locates responsibility at the most appropriate level of the institution subject to effective institutional oversight.

21 The role of UQO Developing the framework Advice and guidance Contacts – the collaborative team >Ms Janet Pearce University Quality Officer (Collaborative Provision) 01482 46 >Ms Liz Pearce University Quality Officer (Collaborative Provision) 01482 46 >Mrs Cecilia Periera-Yates University Quality Officer (International Provision) 01482 46

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