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UK Quality Code for Higher Education

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1 UK Quality Code for Higher Education
Chapter B4: Enabling student development and achievement Harriet Barnes

2 One Quality Code Part A: Setting and maintaining academic standards
Chapter A1: UK and European reference points for academic standards Chapter A2: Degree-awarding bodies' reference points for academic standards Chapter A3: Processes for setting and maintaining academic standards Part B: Assuring and enhancing academic quality Chapter B1: Programme design, development and approval Chapter B2: Recruitment, selection and admission to higher education Chapter B3: Learning and teaching Chapter B4: Enabling student development and achievement Chapter B5: Student engagement Chapter B6: Assessment of students and the recognition of prior learning Chapter B7: External examining Chapter B8: Programme monitoring and review Chapter B9: Academic appeals and student complaints Chapter B10: Managing higher education provision with others Chapter B11: Research degrees Part C: Information about higher education provision

3 The Quality Code jigsaw
The existing elements of the Academic Infrastructure put back together in a different order Some completely new chapters e.g. student engagement Review and editing of the whole for consistency and to reduce duplication Some reworking to cover topics in a more appropriate way

4 Indicators of sound practice
Key components Explanation Indicators of sound practice Expectation: what higher education providers expect of each other and which students and the public can expect of all higher education providers

5 Chapter B4: Enabling student development and achievement
Expectation Higher education providers have in place, monitor and evaluate arrangements and resources which enable students to develop their academic, personal and professional potential.

6 Where did it come from? Need for a Chapter on ‘supporting students’ identified during evaluation of the Academic Infrastructure Embedding content of Code of practice Section 8: Careers education, information, advice and guidance and relevant parts of Section 3: Disabled students But also covering learning resources and other mechanisms that higher education providers put in place to facilitate student achievement

7 Input from… Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association
JISC Equality Challenge Unit Society of College, National and University Libraries AMOSSHE Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services

8 What does it cover? Every student, whatever their location, level or mode of study – all students can be enabled to develop their potential Transitions into, through and out of higher education Integrated approach and definition of responsibilities – to the student, seamless

9 Key themes Strategic approaches Student transitions
Facilitating development and achievement

10 Equality and diversity
inclusivity protected characteristics accessible

11 Within and beyond the curriculum

12 Staff All those who facilitate learning
Appropriately qualified, supported and developed Learning and teaching practices are informed by reflection, evaluation of professional practice, and subject-specific and educational scholarship B3: Learning and teaching, Indicator 3

13 Quality Code – where next?
Removing existing inconsistencies Updating further references The ‘web portal’ Revising the integral elements of Part A qualifications frameworks subject benchmark statements The five year plan

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