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Teaching, Research and the White Paper: opportunity and challenge Dr Liz Beaty Director (Learning and Teaching) HEFCE.

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1 Teaching, Research and the White Paper: opportunity and challenge Dr Liz Beaty Director (Learning and Teaching) HEFCE

2 Creating conversation between policy and practice policy practice d

3 Outline A few remarks about: Research and Teaching The current context for HE policy Current programme for development of Learning and Teaching

4 Linking theory and practice theory practice d

5 Linking research to teaching Research into the subject Research On learning Teaching Research On teaching

6 The What and the How of teaching and learning What is to be learned –Subject knowledge, –Skills, methods –Values and attitudes How it can be learned –Curriculum design –Student characteristics and prior knowledge –Process of teaching and learning

7 The dilemma Most academics are scholars in their subject rather than in pedagogy Most educational research is written for other educational researchers to learn from Very few people can communicate across this divide Is the answer for teachers themselves to become scholars in how to teach as well as what to teach?

8 Recognition and Rewards for Teaching The Policy Context

9 HEFCEs Learning and Teaching Strategy pre-white paper - TQEF Institutional strand –Learning and Teaching Strategies –Formula funding Subject Strand –LTSN –FDTL projects Individual Strand –NTFS

10 Post White Paper agenda Endorsement of the importance of teaching Professional standards for teaching (2006) Increased rewards for excellence –Growth of the NTFS –Centres of Teaching Excellence A New Academy for Higher Education

11 Professional development The white paper calls for all new academic staff to have a teaching qualification(2006) and for external examiners to have induction and CPD for their role. The opportunity is for HE staff to define the nature of this professional development and to engage with it The challenge is to gain agreement about this before the government loses patience and imposes something from the outside.

12 Educational Research Concentration of QR funding Education not a capability area HE research split between UOA for subject disciplines and education UOA Roberts report on new approach to RAE Opportunity for research through the Academy, and through TLRP Challenge to fight for recognition of the effectiveness of PedR impact on quality of teaching

13 National Teaching Fellowships From 20 to 50 per year Acknowledgement of different types of nominee Three institutional nominations Opportunity for NTFs to be a powerful voice for Teaching Challenge to gain respect for the status of teaching in research led universities

14 Centres of Teaching Excellence White paper –70 Centres –500,000 per year for 5 years –Up to £2 million capital funding. Consultation on –Broader definition, focus on pedagogy –Variable size –2 stage process – commended status Opportunity of a huge investment into teaching Challenge to make this an effective investment

15 A new Academy for Learning and Teaching Current status –Leslie Wagner leading developments –A Council within the Academy –Broadening remit and connections Opportunity for a real voice for academics in policy and for new funding for R&D Challenge – to create an effective new academy drawing together existing strands and increasing effectiveness of networks.

16 The role of the Academy: linking T and R A conduit for research on learning and teaching including discipline specific research Dissemination of innovation, ideas and good practice Support for collaborative networks Professional development An resource centre including online A lobby for policy development And more - - -

17 Researching learning and teaching Curriculum development –Subject specific course design Pedagogy –Effective online, work-based learning Learning support –Student needs for widening participation Staff development –The nature of professional practice in teaching Institutional strategies –the management of educational change to mass system

18 Researching the enhancement agenda How can we identify excellence in teaching? What works? – evidence based development? How to link QA to QE to improve teaching i.e. creating learning loops? How should we reward good teaching? How can we encourage pedagogies and course designs for the future of HE?

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