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The Medical Centre Aims: Raise awareness of available medical services All information will be available on-line!

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1 The Medical Centre Aims: Raise awareness of available medical services All information will be available on-line!

2 Health Services in the United Kingdom Health services in the United Kingdom are different from those you have at home. The National Health Service provides free medical care if you are resident in the UK However, you may need to pay for medicine/prescription HC1 forms

3 HOW TO ACCESS HEALTHCARE You need to register with a doctor also known as a General Practitioner (GP) You can register at any GP surgery However, there is a medical centre on campus The medical centre has specific registration days for new students. If you are unable to attend these sessions you may come to the medical centre to register at a later date

4 CHANGE OF ADDRESS If you move to a new address it is ESSENTIAL that you inform the Medical Centre Or your NHS registration may be cancelled!!! You will have no GP!

5 What to do if you are feeling unwell! Many minor illnesses can be self managed Some examples: Cold sores Constipation Coughs & colds Cystitits Dermatitis Diarrhoea Earache Hayfever

6 What to do if you are feeling unwell These ailments can be self managed with advice/treatment from a Pharmacist Headache Headlice Indigestion Mouth ulcers Sore throats Threadworm Vaginal thrush Verrucas

7 What to do if you are feeling unwell Visit and see Medical Centre web pages(found in the A-Z list), for advice on minor illness Or you can visit your local pharmacist Or contact NHS direct (a health advisory service) on 0845 4647 or

8 What to do if you are feeling unwell! If your problem can not be self managed, you can contact the Medical Centre for advice Located off Kirkham Street, near the Media Factory Open Monday-Friday 8.15am-5.30pm Telephone: 01772 892598


10 If YOU NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR If your problem demands you need to see the Doctor ring, ideally before 9am for an appointment. 01772 892598 Mon- Friday 8.15-5.30pm You will usually get an appointment for the same day

11 Advanced Nurse Practitioners What are nurse practitioners? Have Undertaken: Advanced education/ Prescribing/Clinical training Have skills to assess and treat most minor illness and can prescribe when appropriate.

12 Advanced nurse practitioners How do I access the service? Telephone the surgery, you will be offered an approximate time to call in Or Drop in The nurse practitioners run walk-in sessions, so advance appointments are not required.

13 Practice Nurse The practice nurse offers advice on minor illness, wound care, pregnancy testing, travel advice,ear care and taking blood samples Blood clinics Mon, Tues & Fri 8.30-11am Travel Clinic by appointment only Ring for session times for all other services

14 Contraception & Sexual Health Contraception: A safe & effective way of preventing unwanted pregnancy It is free/available from Medical centre Emergency Contraception also available Clinics held daily Advice/ treatment for Unplanned pregnancy also available

15 SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS Sexually transmitted infections are on the increase!!!! They can be prevented by using a condom The medical centre offers advice on all STIs and also a confidential testing service, by appointment only.

16 Contraception & Sexual health Condoms are provided free from the Medical Centre Self-Testing kits for chlamydia are also available from the medical centre

17 Out of Hours Health Care In an emergency out of surgery hours, the Primary Care Centre at the Royal Preston Hospital provides cover. Please note this is not the ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY DEPT Visits to Primary Care are strictly by appointment only and patients will be expected to make their own way to the Centre.

18 OUT OF HOURS CARE This service should only be used in an EMERGENCY!!!! You have to ring for an appointment Opening Hours Monday – Friday 6.00pm – 8.00am Weekends and Bank Holidays 24 hours Tel: 01772 788058.

19 DENTAL CARE Access to an NHS Dental service is available You can pick up a form from the medical centre or register on line at /dental

20 HOW TO KEEP HEALTHY It is not unusual to feel homesick & stressed due to the new environment and different culture. You may experience LOW MOODS, ANXIETY OR ISOLATION.

21 Counselling services A confidential counselling service is available to students. Foster building FB119 TELEPHONE 01772 892572 For an appointment

22 THE M AND M PEER MENTORING PROGRAMME A Mentoring/buddy Programme providing peer support to students Based in the I Foster building OR accessed via website OR Telephone 01772 895012 Helps students to increase confidence, self-esteem and motivation Make friends through M and M social and fun activities Offers Support with academic and personal issues that may be affecting studies

23 HOW TO KEEP HEALTHY Respect alcohol and respect yourself!! It is fine to enjoy alcohol, but you need to look after your health and well-being. Know your limits

24 ALCOHOL To find out how TO SAFELY ENJOY ALCOHOL visit:

25 SMOKING Smoking increases your risk of : Developing illness Disability Death It can cause: CANCER HEART DISEASE LUNG DISEASE

26 SMOKING There is support to help you give up Visit: OR Telephone 0800 022 4 332 OR Contact The Medical Centre for advice on giving up

27 RECREATIONAL DRUGS Include: Cannabis, Heroin, Cocaine, LSD, Ecstasy, GHB These drugs are illegal & if you receive a caution from the police you will have a criminal record! Taking/Mixing drugs with alcohol is risky and the affects are unpredictable!

28 RECREATIONAL DRUG USE Drug use can affect your mental & physical well-being! For further information see

29 Meningitis C What is meningococcal disease? Meningococcal disease results from a bacterial infection The route of transmission is through droplets/ respiratory secretions (e.g.coughing and sneezing), or more directly through kissing Is rare but can be a serious life threatening disease Who is at greatest risk? One of the highest risk groups is young people 15-19 years and university students due to the highly populated environment

30 THE VACCINATION The MenC conjugate vaccine protects selectively against Group C disease Does not protect against any other type of meningococcal infection. Can everyone be given this vaccine? No, immunisation is contraindicated in individuals who have had a hypersensitivity reaction to any constituent of the vaccine Immunisation should be postponed if you have an acute febrile illness or high fever.

31 THE VACCINATION Can this vaccine be administered to pregnant women? there is no evidence to suggest that this vaccine is not safe in pregnancy, However it should not be given unless there is a high risk of the individual developing meningococcal C disease, such as in an outbreak, or a close contact of a recent case. Similarly, it is not it is not recommended in women breastfeeding. You will be given a health form to complete prior to having the vaccine which you will need to sign, if you wish to consent to have the vaccine

32 That concludes this presentation Questions/queries will be answered by any member of the Medical centre staff Thankyou

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