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Chinese Delegation visit Malcolm Atkinson Director 18 th November 2004.

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1 Chinese Delegation visit Malcolm Atkinson Director 18 th November 2004

2 What is e-Science? Goal: to enable better research in all applications Method: Invention and exploitation of advanced computational methods to generate, curate and analyse research data From experiments, observations and simulations Quality management, preservation and reliable evidence to develop and explore models and simulations Computation and data at extreme scales Trustworthy, economic, timely and relevant results to enable dynamic distributed virtual organisations Facilitating collaboration with information and resource sharing Security, reliability, accountability, manageability and agility Does e-Science warrant new collaborations?

3 The Primary Requirement … Enabling People to Work Together on Challenging Projects: Science, Engineering & Medicine

4 Staff costs - Grid Resources Computers & Network funded separately EPSRC Breakdown UK e-Science Budget (2001-2006) Source: Science Budget 2003/4 – 2005/6, DTI(OST) Total: £213M + Industrial Contributions £25M + £100M via JISC

5 Globus Alliance CeSC (Cambridge) Digital Curation Centre e-Science Institute Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute The e-Science Centres EGEE Grid Operations Support Centre National Centre for e-Social Science National Institute for Environmental e-Science

6 The European dimension EGEE: Enabling Grids for E-Science in Europe … and beyond 32M Euro, 10 regions, 70 partners Additional funding from NSF (USA) 50% production, 30% development, and 20% dissemination and training The Grid Infrastructure in Europe Deploy a production Grid across Europe Initially based on LHC Computing Grid UK NGS will converge and run same e-Infrastructure

7 Importance of collaboration: VDT A highly successful collaborative effort VDT Working Group VDS (Chimera/Pegasus) team Provides the V in VDT Condor Team Globus Alliance NMI Build and Test team EDG/LCG/EGEE Middleware, testing, patches, feedback … PPDG Hardening and testing Pacman Provides easy installation capability Currently Pacman 2, moving to Pacman 3 soon Used by many projects Systematic testing Rich integration of components China should be part of this – exploit test bed contribute components Productise our M/W with this testing & packaging Thanks to Miron Livny

8 1 st & 2 nd International Grid Summer Schools Built on CERN Summer school Experience International collaboration - GGF - Multi-national Sponsors -High profile engaging teachers Carefully Designed Syllabus This years event was attended by 84 selected advanced students – from all around the world

9 Where Next for e-Infrastructure Put people and teams first Invest in building a community The creative force The repository of Experience, Skills and Knowledge Focus on Major Priorities Developing well-defined Flexible Agreements Embraced as standards High-level Software Investment Applications & Requirements led Explore & Evolve Common & Shared Infrastructure Recognise and respond to differences Celebrate and support commonalities International Collaboration Essential Global Research Standards and interoperation

10 OGSA Infrastructure Architecture Grid or Web Service Infrastructure Data Intensive Applications for Science X Compute, Data & Storage Resources Distributed Simulation, Analysis & Integration Technology for Science X Data Intensive X Scientists Virtual Integration Architecture Generic Virtual Data Access and Integration Layer Structured Data Integration Structured Data Access Structured Data Relational XML Semi-structured- Transformation Registry Job Submission Data TransportResource Usage Banking BrokeringWorkflow Authorisation OGSA-DAI

11 Database Growth PDB Content Growth

12 Biochemical Pathway Simulator (Computing Science, Bioinformatics, Beatson Cancer Research Labs) DTI Bioscience Beacon Project Harnessing Genomics Programme Slide from Muffy Calder, Glasgow Now largest EU project in the Life Sciences – see Walter Kolch

13 e-Science Institute Figures for 3 Years We have run just under 7 per month (up from just over 6 average for first two years) 19,456 delegate days 248 events 8,329 delegates (many repeats) 421 event days (in 750 working days) Further statistics exclude GGF5, as we did not handle registration so cannot do a detailed analysis.

14 Attendance from different countries Involvement in EGEE reflected in increase in EU participation

15 Take home messages E-Science is for everybody & every discipline Environment, health, safety, design, science, humanities To enable it Build people grids Educate & train And institution e-Infrastructures The Technology Will support useful work now But still too hard to use & hard to sustain Work on the Technology Middleware, Portals, Security, Networks collaboratively

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