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Business School 1 Welcome Business Combined Honours (BW) Judith Thomas – Senior Lecturer.

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1 Business School 1 Welcome Business Combined Honours (BW) Judith Thomas – Senior Lecturer

2 Aims of this session Get to know each other and Brookes jargon Knowing where to go for help Check timetables Introduction to the Business Field Answering your questions Checking your programmes

3 Brookes Speak You are a Combined Honours student doing two Fields Modules are programmes of study. Modules are worth credits - usually one, sometimes two You need 8 basic credits in your first year to progress. Your first year is known as Stage I and your 2 nd, 3 rd and final years are known as Stage II Compulsory modules are must haves and must be taken to progress to Stage II. Tutors tend to talk module numbers, students talk module names

4 4 Business School Where to go for programme advice Programme advice and changes - Field Chair – Belinda Platt Tel: (48) 5825, Room W2.01, Email: Belindas Office Hours: Check her Virtual Office Door on her PIP page Week 0 - Field Surgeries Thursday: 14.00pm – 17.00pm Friday: 9.00am – 12.00pm and 14.00pm – 17.00pm

5 5 Business School Field Guide Useful contacts Year planner More information about your chosen field & the staff who teach on it Expectations of us and of you Sources of help How to make the most of your degree Field regulations (including assessment) Module Descriptions Programme specification

6 6 Business School Sources of help Field Chair Academic Adviser Module leader Upgrade Service PAL – Peer Assisted Learning International Student Advisory Service Counselling and Advisory Service Student Union

7 7 Business School Remember We can only help you with a problem if we know about it The earlier you let us know of any problems, the sooner we can help to resolve them Your programme is ultimately your responsibility, but we are here to help

8 8 Business School Using PIP You should all have been introduced to PIP and shown how to use it Any problems logging on, go to the student help desk Any Errors or Warnings need to be resolved, go to the Field Surgeries Changes to your programme for this semester should be made by Friday, this week.

9 Your First Year Programme See page 17 Compulsory U50012 Foundations of Accounting and Finance U51000 Critical Thinking in Business U51002 Foundations of Business (if A Level Business not passed) … and the compulsory modules from your other field

10 BW Field Modules in your first year Recommended U51001 Key Business Competences U51009 Team Challenges U51013 Business in Context International Students U70910 Academic Writing for Business (as a ninth module) Overseas Student Programme – U95002 – key skills does NOT count as a module credit

11 11 Business School Top Up Modules U50013 Raising Financial Awareness U51007 The Context and Development of Business U50008 Elements of Business Law U52005 Economics and Society

12 12 Business School Change it on line using PIP Check alterations do not cause slot clashes Remember to save changes Check for error messages If you need, or want, to alter your programme, this is what you should do:

13 13 Business School Checklist for Year 1 Programmes At least 8 modules registered across the year (can do 9) Programme includes all compulsory modules for both your fields Any recommended modules that you want to take Programme is balanced, 4 modules each semester. Consult, other modules you may wish to consider list if you want to choose non- business modules. Check for error messages

14 14 Business School Finally……….. Any questions (those we know the answers to!) And … most importantly …. Do you know where you should be next week? Make sure you print your Timetable on PIP Check your PIP for any room changes

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