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Hard Hats on Construction Sites

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1 Hard Hats on Construction Sites

2 Use your head and wear a hard hat
The facts Even on a well run site head injuries can still happen so hard hats should be worn A lot of workers were killed or received serious head injuries before the use of hard hats on construction sites Wearing a hard hat may prevent or lessen an injury to your head There is no change in the requirement to provide and wear hard hats on a construction site

3 The Law – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulations 1992
From 6 April 2013, the PPE Regulations 1992 apply to the provision and use of hard hats on construction sites Employers must provide hard hats to employees and, Ensure hard hats are worn when there is a risk of head injury Self-employed should provide their own hard hats and ensure they wear them.

4 Provide hard hats to your workers (and visitors to your site)
Hard Hats should: Be in good condition. If it’s damaged, throw it away Fit the person wearing it and be worn properly Not stop the wearing of hearing protectors as well (when needed) Only be obtained from a reputable supplier – there are fake hard hats on the market

5 Ensuring head protection is worn
Make the wearing of hard hats a site rule Display safety signs in areas where there is a risk of head injury Always wear your hard hat to set an example Check others are wearing theirs Hard hats must be worn

6 Taking care of your hard hat
Bad Practice The shell of a hard hat can be damaged or weakened if not looked after. For example: Objects fall onto it It strikes against a fixed object It receives a severe impact Deep scratches occur It is sprayed with chemicals or solvent based paint Inspect a hard hat when adjusting and before each use

7 Potential causes of head injuries
There is nearly always a risk of a head injury on a construction site. For example: Objects falling or being thrown from height An unprotected end of a scaffold pole Projections not being capped e.g. studs Insufficient headroom on a scaffold Wear your hard hat to prevent or lessen an injury to your head

8 Wearing a hard hat can save a life
A worker used his head and wore his hard hat Photograph 1 Photograph 2 A worker was injured when a piece of metal (see photograph 1) fell from height during demolition work. The metal bounced off the worker’s hard hat (see photograph 2) and broke his shoulder/collar bone in several places.  He could easily have been killed if he hadn’t been wearing his hard hat.

9 What if health and safety is ignored?
A worker who was not wearing a hard hat: Suffered severe brain and spinal injuries after a 14ft fixed box pillar he was removing fell on his head. He now has difficulty speaking and moving, is unable to work and requires full-time care due to the severity of his head injuries. The incident could very well have led to his death.

10 And finally……. Almost all construction work involves a risk of head injury. Keep it safe. Wear your hard hat

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