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Feminism and Suffrage 1919. Do you consider yourself to be a person? WHY?

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1 Feminism and Suffrage 1919

2 Do you consider yourself to be a person? WHY?

3 What is Suffrage? Women’s suffrage is the right of women to vote and to run for office.

4 Starting Point 1878 with Dr. Emily Howard Stowe

5 History – Provincial - Votes Province/TerritoryDate ManitobaJanuary 28, 1916 SaskachewanMarch 14, 1916 AlbertaApril 19, 1916 British ColumbiaApril 5, 1917 OntarioApril 12, 1917 Nova ScotiaApril 26, 1918 New BrunswickApril 17, 1919 YukonMay 20 th, 1919 P.I.EMay 3, 1922 NewfoundlandApril 13, 1925 QuebecApril 25, 1940: due to the fearless work of Thérèse Casgrain Northwest TerritoriesJune 12 th, 1951

6 History - Federal On 24 May 1918 all female citizens aged 21 and over became eligible to vote in federal elections, regardless of whether they had yet attained the provincial franchise.

7 Person’s Case Five women appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada and as a result, obtained rights similar to those of men.

8 The Famous 5 – Their Case Emily Murphy, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney and Nellie McClung. Does the word "Persons" in section 24 of the British North America Act 1867, include female persons ?

9 Emily Murphy

10 Henrietta Muir Edwards

11 Irene Parlby

12 Louise McKinney

13 Nellie McClung

14 Privy Council Verdict "yes, women are persons... and eligible to be summoned and may become Members of the Senate of Canada.“

15 Famous 5 – Other Achievements the Famous 5 also secured the right for women to vote and serve as elected officials at the school board, hospital board, and at the municipal, provincial, and federal level.

16 As the Senate is the senior law making body in Canada, these remarkable nation builders also sought the right for women to participate at this level.

17 As well, they advocated for and assisted in the creation of libraries, travelling health clinics, distance education, mother's allowance, equal citizenship of mothers and fathers, prison reform, and many other initiatives that we cherish today

18 Who was left out? Black women were left out of the vote Immigrant women from Asia were also left out of the vote Aboriginal women still could not vote

19 Class Discussion Have you ever felt discriminated against due to your gender? What did you do when this happened?

20 Activity The class is going to be split up into two groups: men and women. In our classroom world Men are not able to drive cars. This is a right that they would like to have. Men – you will argue why you should be able to drive. Women – you will argue that men shouldn’t be able to drive.

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