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BG Group UK Norway Share Fair – 20 April 2006 BG Norge.

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1 BG Group UK Norway Share Fair – 20 April 2006 BG Norge

2 2 Legal Notice The following presentation includes "forward-looking information" within the meaning of Section 27A of the US Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Certain statements included in this presentation, including without limitation those concerning (i) BG Group's strategy, outlook and growth opportunities; (ii) the 2006 long term growth targets; (iii) growth, and the sources of growth, to 2009 and beyond; (iv) the projects and assets expected to contribute to BG Groups growth; (v) commercialisation and project delivery activities; (vi) BG Group's positioning to deliver its future plans and to realise its potential for growth; (vii) market development; (viii) the global economic outlook; (ix) the economic outlook for the gas and oil industries; (x) demand for gas as a source of energy and for imports of gas; (xi) BGs competitive position; (xii) statements preceded by believes, expects, anticipates, plans, intends or similar expressions, contain certain forward-looking information concerning BG Group's operations, economic performance and financial performance. Although BG Group believes that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, no assurance can be given that such expectations will prove to have been correct. Accordingly, results could differ materially from those set out in the forward looking statements, as a result of, among other factors (i) changes in economic, market and competitive conditions, including oil and gas prices; (ii) success in implementing business and operating initiatives; (iii) changes in the regulatory environment and other government actions, including UK and international corporation tax rates; (iv) the failure to ensure the safe operation of BG Group's assets worldwide; (v) implementation risk, being the challenges associated with delivering capital intensive projects on time and on budget, including the need to retain and motivate staff; (vi) commodity risk, being the risk of significant fluctuations in gas and/or oil prices from those assumed; (vii) a major recession or significant upheaval in the major markets in which BG Group operates; (viii) risks encountered in the gas and oil exploration and production sector in general; (ix) fluctuations in exchange rates; (x) business risk management; and (xi) the Risk Factors included in BG Group's Annual Report and Accounts 2003. BG Group undertakes no obligation to update any forward looking information. This presentation does not constitute or contain, and shall not be taken to constitute or contain, an invitation or inducement to any person to underwrite, subscribe for, otherwise acquire, or dispose of or invest in BG Group plc or any other entity, nor does it advise any person to do any of the foregoing.

3 3 BG Group

4 4 Who are BG Group? Evolution

5 5 BG Group The Key Facts A FTSE 25 company, listed on London and New York Stock Exchanges Market capitalisation £28 bn billion (315 billion NOK) Production volumes: 600,000 boepd (4Q2005) Turnover approx 70 bill NOK (2005) Production split: 70% gas; 30% oil Employs some 5,400 staff; 76% outside UK Active in some 23 countries

6 6 BG Group Where We Operate Active in Some 23 Countries

7 7 Secure low cost resources Connect gas to high value markets Skills to succeed across the gas chain Equity reserves Contracted resources Build and access markets Serve customers BG Group Integrated Gas Major BG Group – a growth company Integrated Gas Major

8 8 Accelerated Project Delivery BG Group Egyptian LNG – Record-breaking Project Delivery ELNG 1 Q2 2005 –3 months acceleration ELNG 2 Q3 2005 –9 months acceleration Upstream supply & liquefaction accelerated - less than 6 years after first exploration well

9 9 0 20 40 60 80 100 1998199920002001200220032004 Wells drilledSuccess ratio BG Group E&P Historical Performance Wells drilled & % success ratio 35 wells 15 wells 13 wells 14 wells 71% 40% 100% 71% 25 wells 72% 70% 20 wells 64% 28 wells Proven Exploration Performance

10 10 BG Group E&P Benchmarking An Industry Leading E&P Performance 3 year Finding & Development costs ($/boe) 3 year Reserve Replacement (%) Peer Group includes Super Majors, US and European Integrated Majors Source: Evaluate Energy 2004, BG Group

11 11 BG Group Europe - Regional Strategy Outer Moray Firth Blake Central North Sea Armada, Seymour Everest, Lomond J Block, Jade, Elgin, Franklin, ECA Neptune, Mercury, Wollaston & Whittle Minerva, Amethyst Interconnector CATS SEAL Schematic Operations todayProjects to 2006 and enhancementsBeyond 2006 West Franklin, Glenelg, Maria Exploration Buzzard, Cromarty, Atlantic Exploration Milford Haven LNG (Dragon) Interconnector additional reverse flow SILK Potential Norwegian imports Norwegian exploration Mid-Norway & Barents Sea Norwegian exploration From Single to Multi-sourced Strategy

12 12 BG Group Largest E&P New Entrant into Norway for a Decade All Market Values from 18 April 2006 Most other new entrants tail-end focused and small (micro) caps –Will not explore in Frontier Areas BG Group unique in a Norwegian Continental Shelf context with our: –Organic Entry Strategy –Commitment to Drill –Proven Exploration & Appraisal Track-record –Financial Capacity to Explore also in Frontier Areas

13 13 BG Norge

14 14 BG Norge Current Status BG first entered Norway through the 2003 APA Licence Round First licence was awarded in December 2003 BG Norge office opened in May 2004 in Løkkeveien 103B Stavanger Further licences awarded in the 18th Round in 2004 BG also awarded two licences in APA 2004 as operator and non-operator In 2005, BG acquired two licences and was awarded four new licences in the APA 2005; all BG operated In 2006, BG awarded 8 licenses in 19th Round, 5 BG operated BG Norge now holds interests in 23 licences; 13 BG operated

15 15 BG Norge Why now? Licensing authorities encouraging new entrants; Introduction of exploration tax credit in 2005; UK-Norway treaty addressing median line issues; Opportunities to bring Norwegian gas to UK via existing UK infrastructure; GFU, Statoil, Petoro, Gassco/Gassled reform. Material Improvements to Investment Climate

16 16 BG Norge Strategy – A 3 Step Approach * Source: Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) Actively Building our Long-term Business in Norway

17 17 BG Norge North Sea – April 06 BG operated acreage BG non-operated acreage PL297 (Mandarin) BG 100% (Op) PL292 (Pi) BG 60% (Op) Lundin 40% NORTH SEA PL143 BG 30% CoP 35% (Op) Talisman 35% PL335 (Orange) BG 52% (Op) Talisman 18% Lundin 18% RWE 12% PL337 BG 25% Talisman 10% Pertra 35% (Op) Marathon 30% PL298 BG 20% Talisman 80% (Op) PL143CS (Hummer) BG 20% Talisman 45% (Op) DNO 35% J Block E/F Lomond Everest Armada Ekofisk Ula Gyda Varg Jade PL274BS BG 80% (Op) DONG 20% PL373S (Jordbær) BG 45% (Op) Revus 20% RWE 10% Idemitsu 25% PL374S (Blåbær) BG 45% (Op) Revus 20% Premier 15% Petoro 20% PL372S (Plomme) BG 70% (Op) Revus 30% Snorre Visund Kvitebjørn Gullfaks Statfjord Troll PL372BS BG 70% (Op) Revus 30%

18 18 BG Norge Mid-Norway – April 06 PL325 (Modgunn) ChevTex 40% (Op) BG 30% ENI 30% PL324 (Gemini) ENI 40% (Op) BG 30% ChevTex 30% MID NORWAY Ormen-Lange Åsgard Skarv Draugen PL251 (Tulipan) Statoil 70% (Op) BG 20% Shell 10% Norne Njord Heidrun Viktoria PL392 Shell 40% (Op) BG 20% Statoil 20% CoP 20% PL382 BG 80% (Op) NORECO 20% PL390 BG 70% (Op) Idemitsu 30% PL391 BG 40% (Op) Hess 20% Idemitsu 20% Nor Energy 20% PL388 BG 100% (Op) BG operated acreage BG non-op acreage

19 19 BG Norge Barents Sea – April 06 PL396 BG 70% (Op) Discover 10% SDØE 20% PL395 Statoil 50% (Op) BG 30% SDØE 20% PL393 Hydro 30% (Op) BG 20% ENI 30% SDØE 20% Snøhvit Goliath BG operated acreage BG non-operated acreage

20 20 BG Norge Rig Status October 05: BG Norge signed rig contract with Mærsk for heavy duty jack-up rig, Mærsk Guardian (80 days) Bringing the unit back (from Australia) to the Norwegian Continental Shelf in a very tight rig market Programme of five wells with consortium members BP and Dong December 05: BG Norge exercised an additional 150 days option on the Mærsk Guardian Future exploration drilling on the Norwegian Continental Shelf January 06: BG Norge contracted Bredford Dolphin for 100 days Contract to commence 2Q 07 March 06: BG Group signed contract on Rowan Gorilla VI – Unit may be upgraded to NCS drilling Fortunately, despite a tight market, BG Norge has secured a total of 330 firm rig days in Norway over the next 24 months Mærsk Guardian Bredford Dolphin

21 21 BG Norge Current Organisation Chart EVP ECA – MARK CARNE UK/Aberdeen Based 2006 Recruits

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