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The courage to empower yourself Teach as you preach Anja Swennen Onderwijscentrum Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

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1 The courage to empower yourself Teach as you preach Anja Swennen Onderwijscentrum Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

2 2 Teach as you preach Who are the educators? Task 1: Who are you? What do you preach and teach? Task 2: What do you teach and preach? Congruent Education Task 3: Do you teach what you preach?

3 3 Task 1 Who are you?

4 4 Teachers of Teachers First order teachers Teach a subject or subject area in school and support the learning of their pupils/students Second order teachers (educators) Teach teachers to support their pupils/learners Murray & Male, 2005, 126

5 5 Educators are second order practitioners VELON website Who are we?

6 6 What do you preach? What is the most important idea/ notion/view/conception about good teaching you want to encourage in teachers? How do you teach? What are the three best methods or approaches teachers can use to give form to this idea? Task 2

7 7 What do you preach and teach? Three questions: 1. What do you preach? 2. How do you teach? 3. What is written about in-service educators?

8 8 Five volumes IPDA Journal 131 articles Excluded Beginning teachers, mentoring and training or PDS 42 Foreign articles 40 General topics 17 Head teachers 6 Others then teachers 3 Total 108

9 9 What do your preach? = 4 Andrew Loxley, Keith Johnston, Damian Murchan, Helen Fitzgerald, Micheline Quinn: Role of whole-school contexts in shaping the experiences and outcomes associated with professional development Christine Fraser, Aileen Kennedy, Lesley Reid, Stephen Mckinney: Teachers' continuing professional development: contested concepts, understandings and models Malcolm Thorburn: The loneliness of the long-distance Scottish physical education teacher: how to provide effective in-service for experienced teachers' implementing new curricula Aileen Kennedy: Models of Continuing Professional Development: a framework for analysis

10 10 How do you teach? = 19 1.Collaboration and community (5) 2.Research or inquiry (4) 3.Theory = Master (2) 4.Curriculum development 5.Coaching 6.Cognitive apprenticeship 7.Narrative approach 8.Informal learning 9.Use of technology 10.International exchange 11.Professional dialogue

11 11 What is written in the Journal about in-service educators? Nothing Much more about teachers and their professional learning then about in-service educators

12 12 Why? Authors identify with Teachers in higher education Researchers Advisors Teachers

13 13 What does this mean for us? Use your own work as a tool to educate teachers

14 14 Congruent education The view and methods of the educator are consistent with the view and teaching approach the educator wants to encourage in teachers Swennen, Korthagen & Lunenberg, 2004

15 15 Congruent Education Consciously model Be explicit Legitimize what you model

16 16 Model It is modelling the processes, thoughts and knowledge of an experienced teacher in a way that demonstrates the why or the purpose of teaching: it is not creating a template of teaching for unending duplication John Loughran, 2001

17 17 Be explicit Teacher educators need to make their teaching explicit, so the modelling is brought to a conscious level of the student teachers. This requires a high-level of meta- cognition, it is verbalizing the reflection-in- action, (Schön, 1983) the tacit part of professional knowledge in teaching Kari Smith, 2001

18 18 Legitimize Underpin what you model with theory that teachers know or should know

19 19 Do you model consciously? Sometimes Are you explicit about your own ´teaching´ Hardly ever Do you legitimize what and how you teach? Never Task 3

20 20 Third Order Perspective Improving the knowledge and skills of educators Studying yourself and your work 3

21 21

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